Project Name: Chic Black Work Table In Textured Concrete

Location: Mumbai, India

Finish: Decorative Textured Concrete Finish

In this project, we catered to the design needs of Mr. Govinda Mehta, the founder of Raisson D’Être,  a bespoke menswear brand based in Mumbai, India. 

Mr. Mehta wanted to make the 22 ft long work table take centre stage in his studio. He was in search of a seamless finish with dark hues that would add an element of oomph to the space and yet be functional enough as a table top. And he found his match in our Porcelain Stone Misty design.

A subtle yet striking texture because of the natural flow and movement it showcases. Manufactured using decorative concrete material, this texture is highly durable and optimally functional for commercial space furniture, as it can be polished to a stone-like hardness and marble-like smoothness. 

The result was a centre table that was refurbished to a bespoke furniture piece that was crafted keeping in mind the needs of the customer, and the design of the space. 

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