Top 10 Living Room Color Design Ideas For 2023

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Colors are one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to interior design. As a result, one of the most significant components of space design is determining what colour will best suit your area. The colour you use to decorate your room plays a role in your daily life, influencing your mood and energy levels. It also operates as a direct reflection of your personality. The living room is among the most significant rooms in your home. It combines all of the elements that make your house a home: leisure, comfort, and companionship. As a result, it’s natural that choosing a living room color design takes some thought. If you prefer things to be simplistic, blues and greys can be great allies. If you want to add some drama, bolder colours like black and scarlet can be helpful.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 colours that will be popular in living room design in 2023. Don’t forget to bookmark this page for future use

#1 Coral Rose

Coral Rose Living Room Colour For 2022
Image Source: Abode Magazine (Left) | Hackrea (Right)

Coral rose, a distant cousin of blush pink, is said to ‘stop time.’ This colour is popular in bedrooms since it softens and energises a room without becoming overwhelming. Coral rose, also known as “love’s calming colour,” might inspire you to be more creative. It’s also a good choice for living room design. That’s because it easily fits into the tone of a community place in terms of comfort, conversation, and fellowship. Combine this colour with white furnishings and neutral decor to create a fresh, revitalised space.

#2 Gold

Gold Living Room Colour Design 2022
Image Source: Evolve India

Adding a dash of gold to your living room color design can make a substantial difference in how the space appears. A gold accent wall can drastically transform the look of any room, no matter how plain it was. The metal, gold, is commonly linked with something precious, exceptional, and valuable. And a splash of gold and enhance any area to look elegant, and rich. On the other hand, too much gold can make your home appear busy. So, pair it with dark monotoned furniture and minimalist accessories to create an eye-catching gold living room.

#3 Brown

Brown Living Room Colour For 2022
Image Source: Pinterest

Brown is a colour that is frequently overlooked and underestimated. Whether you want to create an earthy environment for your living room with brown walls or accentuate it with brown accents. Even if it isn’t as trendy as navy blue or white, brown is an extremely adaptable colour. It can help you create a sense of calm and comfort in your living room. Brown, often known as the “traditional colour of comfort,” allows you to add an old-world charm to your interiors without having to go to extraordinary lengths. When choosing a brown colour for your living room, an expert recommendation is to opt for rustic shades, which have natural tints that provide depth to the walls. 

#4 Blue

Blue Living Room Colour For 2022
Image Source: Unsplash

The colour blue is associated with attributes such as honesty, loyalty, trust, wisdom, intelligence, and confidence. It also has a calming effect, which is considered to be beneficial to the mind and body. Based on all of these aspects, blue promises to be a fantastic choice for living room color design in 2023. When you combine it with rustic furniture and decor, you’ll create a welcoming atmosphere.

#5 Black

Black Living Room Colour For 2022
Image Source: Behance

Although most people include black into their design concept in bits and pieces, an all-black living room can help you create a space that is bold, dramatic, and eye-catching. The fact that it is not a common shade for living room color design makes it particularly suitable if you want to achieve something distinctive. The more pieces you pair with your black accent wall, the more inviting it will appear. Dark-colored furniture, floors, and decor can amp up the look even more, producing a statement-making room that you and your guests will absolutely love.

#6 Green

Green Living Room Colour For 2022
Image Source: Home Designing

A green accent wall or an all-green living room environment will help to create a sense of calm in your home. Colors like moss and emerald green can be used to create a strong look and feel. However, if you want to evoke a feeling of tranquility, use milder colours such as mint. For those of you who want to make a big impression, there’s also the tried-and-true lime green. Bring nature indoors by including a few plants and creating a coherent setting that exudes comfort and delight.

#7 Gray

Grey Living Room Colour For 2022
Image Source: Evolve India

In the realm of neutral interior design, the colour grey is steadily attracting attention. Grey, which was once associated with sadness and melancholy, is now embraced to evoke feelings of comfort and warmth. This colour is incredibly adaptable and can be used to create a timeless backdrop in almost any context. There is a grey tone to match any and every design requirement, ranging from almost-black to delicate silvers. To assist you in making your final decision, here are a few grey living room ideas.

#8 Beige

Beige Living Room Colour For 2022
Image Source: Behance

Beige is the most popular neutral colour among interior designers. This timeless colour reflects the simplicity of natural fabrics. Beige is the colour to use if you want to create a minimalist living room setting that isn’t white. Subtle beige walls can help you create a beautiful and sophisticated living room setting. Because beige is a color that people return to, it can be considered dependable, and you can be confident that using this colour to create your living room interiors will result in an affluent and elegant ambience.

#9 Red

Red Living Room Colour For 2022
Image Source: iStock

The colour red is anticipated to climb the ladder when it comes to choosing colours for living room decor in 2023, thanks to the rising trend in bold interior design. Red is a hue that conveys a lot of energy and can elicit a wide range of feelings such as love, passion, fury, and power. To balance the aesthetic of your area, you should ideally pair it with white or wooden furniture and décor items. Or else, you run the risk of having a busy and shabbily arranged living space.

#10 Navy Blue

Navy Blue Living Room Colour For 2022
Image Source: Home Designing

Dark tones have been mostly shunned in the sphere of decoration in the past. They are, however, more popular today than they have ever been. If you’re looking for a dramatic living room colour, navy blue is a great choice. The secrets to creating a well-looking navy blue living room include making full use of natural light and complimenting the shade with other bright colours like orange or deeper tones like woody browns. You’ll end up with a wonderfully balanced living space in a relaxed setting that you and your family will love.

The colours you choose for your walls can have a significant impact on your mood and behaviour, leading to long-term changes in your life. That is why it is vital to choose colours for your home that are cheerful, positive, and uplifting, in order for it to become an environment that brings out the best in you and your family. And now that you know what colours will be fashionable in 2023, we hope you’ll do your research and pick a shade that fits well with your style.

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