Lust List: 10 Metal Wall Art Pieces by Evolve India Your Home Needs in 2023

Choosing the perfect wall decor for your space can often be a tricky process. This one home decor element has the ability to not only captivate the eye but also help define the tone and aura of any space. Therefore to help you elevate the elegance quotient of your interiors effortlessly, we bring to you a curated list of 10 metal wall art pieces from Evolve India. Check them below:

1. Gold Medallion


Gold Medallion Wall Art by Evolve India

With this beautiful liquid metal brass design, you can add a touch of luxury to your home. We love the exceptional shine of this gold metal art piece, which is sure to spark conversation. Add this metal wall decor to your living room to give it a royal and classy look.

2. Botanic Metal Wall Art


Botanic Wall Art by Evolve India

If you like bold designs and are always looking for new ways to create a statement with your home decor, this wall art is a great option for you. This colourful and eye-catching oxidized copper metal wall art is ideal for adding a dynamic appeal to your living room or for brightening up an otherwise dull corporate boardroom.

 3. Turtle Totem Wall Art


Turtle Totem Wall Art by Evolve India

The Turtle Totem, a modern wall art piece, embodies refinement and tranquillity. The earthy rustic texture of this metal wall decor is likely to draw attention and is a fantastic fit for both modern and vintage decor themes.

4. Celestial Wall Decor


Celestial Cerchi Wall Art by Evolve India

The splendour of the stars and planets is personified in this wall art, which is reminiscent of the great majesty of the galaxy. This copper wall art piece is ideal for anyone interested in an impressionist nature and will brighten up any living room, study room, or office space.

5. Dull Gold Bamboo Wall Art


Dull Gold Bamboo Wall Art by Evolve India

An apt balance between Zen and vintage, this dull gold wall art piece can be a fine choice for designing bohemian themed interiors. Pair it with contrasting furniture and you have yourselves a corner worth noticing. 

6. Fireworks Wall Art


Burnt Copper Fireworks Wall Art by Evolve India

Depicting the untamed beauty of the fireworks, this contemporary rose gold wall art piece is one that will make heads turn. Finished in liquid metal copper layers to create a 3D effect, the beauty lies in its restrained simplicity and perfect symmetry. 

7. Rustic Landmark Wall Hanging


Rustic Landmark Wall Hanging by Evolve India

This brown rustic metal art piece with an abstract pattern will freshen up any interior space such as a corridor, a foyer, or even your office cabin. We appreciate work that leaves room for interpretation, and this artwork accomplishes just that. Does it represent nature or travel? It is indeed difficult to accurately define an abstract composition.

8. White and Black Lady Face Wall Art


White and Black Lady Face Wall Art

This wall art’s modular design, coupled with the timeless black and white colour scheme, is sure to stand out no matter where you hang it. Whether you’re constructing a minimalist bedroom or a chic living room, this wall art will look great. What we like about this metal wall art piece is that it can simply be combined with other pieces to tell a story.

9. Tree of Life


Tree of Life Wall Art by Evolve India

This backlit wall decor piece is artistically crafted using liquid metal finishes, highlighting the simplicity of mother nature. The rustic contrast on the inside complements the gunmetal’s midnight black, making it an ideal choice for brightening any dreary wall or space, whether it’s in your home or workplace.

10. Liberating Stallion Wall Art


Liberating Stallion Wall Art by Evolve India

With this Liberating Stallion wall art, you can add a rustic touch of vibrance to your contemporary design. The intricate laser cutting of the horse face finished with corten steel suits modern design wonderfully. If you’re an animal lover or looking to decorate your vacation home or bachelor pad, this wall art piece might be just what you’re looking for.


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