10 Powder Room Design Ideas To Add An Element of Chic To Your Interiors

While a powder room might not be one of the most popular areas in your home, it is often considered a go-to space to be experimental. The minimal square footage of the area makes designing it all the more fun, exciting, and interesting. Whether you’re looking to experiment with a design style or abstract patterns, the powder room can be the perfect place to do so. Below listed are ten powder room design ideas to help you get started. Read along to get inspired.

1. Spa-Inspired Minimalism

Image Source: Birgit Klein Interiors

Don’t we all love the washrooms the spa centers have? Decorated with beautiful flowers, incense sticks, minimalistic elements, and just the right amount of light? Why not design something like that for your home as well! Adorn the countertop with flowers and live plants, stick to beige or cream-colored walls, add some warm lights and complete the look with scented candles. Sounds so cozy, right? A place like that is sure to feel so too! 

2. Play With Patterns

Image Source: Whytile

A play of patterns can help you add life to this small space in the most effortless way. All you need to do is ensure that the textures compliment each other and not fight for attention. If luxury is what you’re aiming for, gold accents in your fixtures can help you. Stick to minimal decor to keep the focus on the room’s main feature. 

3. Quirk It Up With A Unique Element

Image Source: Elements of Style

Adding a quirky element to a small space is a fail-safe way to spruce it up. Take this powder room as an example. With a white backdrop and gold groovy designs, this small space is sure to leave a small impression. The gold accents add the finishing touch to the space, giving it a luxe look and feel. 

4. Keep It Simple With Tiled Walls

Image Source: Home Beautiful

Tiles are a go-to material when it comes to powder room design. And rightly so. Cladding the walls with tiles instantly gives the space a refined look without much hassle. If this is what you are looking to do, we’d advise opting for light-colored tiles, washbasin, and furniture to make the space look airy.

5. Achieve A Dramatic Look With Black Wallpaper

Image Source: The Spruce

Looking to make a bold impression with your powder room design? Black is the color you need. You can always opt for black paint or black tiles, but if you’re up to adding some drama, a black wallpaper will serve your purpose just right. Amplify the boldness quotient with black cabinets and a black door. Add the final touch with metallic fixtures and see your powder room’s elegance quotient rise straight up. 

6. Add An Oomph With Metal Finishes

Image Source: Evolve India

Turn an ordinary powder room into one that speaks of glitz and glam with metal finishes. Bathroom fixtures are not the only way to add a metallic accent to your powder room design. A metal finished countertop or a metal wall panel can instantly give your space a timeless luxe look. Keep the decor to a minimum to keep the focus fixed on the metal finish. 

7. Opt For Natural Elements

Image Source: Maison Valentina

Classic, timeless, and effortlessly chic – that’s what designing with natural elements is all about. Opt for a marble countertop and ceramic tiled wall to add warmth, texture, and more character to your powder room. If you want to do a subtle makeover, invest in a standout piece, like the marble countertop and accents. For a striking statement, go for an out-of-the-box sink design that has a greater visual impact and dominates the space.

8. Mix & Match Old and New

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Take inspiration from this striking powder room design that blends antique with modern to craft an exciting eclectic space. The tiled wall screams modern design, but the wallpaper-covered wall gives the room a sense of history and dimension. The metallic accents in the mirror, lights, and fixtures work well with the brown tones of the wood console and offer a romantic touch, making it a picture-perfect spot for guests to freshen up.

9. Go For A Monochrome Look

Image Source: Evolve India

Monochrome powder rooms can be fun and delightful, irrespective of the color you pick. One such space is easier to design and rarely goes out of style. To create a greater impact opt for designing your walls with textured finishes, for instance, liquid metal coatings or textured concrete. Keep the focus on the mirror using lights and see your powder room transform into a heavenly abode. 

10. Opt For The Classic Combo of Black and White

Image Source: Normandy Remodelling

White themes are amongst the most preferred powder room designs. But plain white can be boring and difficult to maintain. Pair it with black and you can give your powder room a break from the ordinary in a blink. If black walls are too bold for you, opt for black cabinets and light fixtures and maybe even a black sink. Limit the decor pieces and store the toiletries away from eye-sight to achieve a crisp, clean and modern look. 

Although a small and confined space, when designed properly, the powder room can be one of the most happening spots in your home. Don’t be afraid to experiment and you will see how one small space can change the dynamic of your home.

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