10 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom Walls In 2024

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10 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom Walls


“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow, is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser.

So to say the wall is just a solid vertical structure, but it can be the key to transforming your room. Since the bedroom is a space to relax and rejuvenate, it is foremost to ensure comfort, peace, and vitality. Making over your walls is one way for you to do this. If you’re confused, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Check out these incredible ideas to decorate your bedroom walls.


1. Spruce it up with wallpaper


Bedroom wall design using wallpaper
Image Source: Home Designing

You may think of wallpaper as an outdated way of styling, but what if we tell you it never went out of style? These latest wallpaper trends will surely change your mind. Today’s wallpaper goes beyond just printing on paper; it can be made from sustainable materials like grasscloth, wicker, straw, and cork. Many trendy wallpaper styles are increasingly popular, such as tropical prints, botanicals, contemporary geometrics, and panoramic murals. You can now even get wallpaper that looks like a textured wall.

2. Transform with accent colors


Bedroom paint ideas for accent wall
Image Source: Living Letter Home

To elegantly transform your bedroom wall decor, an accent wall is a must. Just one wall painted with a different color that stands out from the rest. A combination of two or more contrasting colors can also be a great pick when it comes to bedroom paint ideas. Brush up your wall with these trendiest colors of 2021; khaki green, lilac, ice blue, soft black, gray, caramel, cobalt blue, royal purple, terracotta, deep marine, marigold, mint green, steel blue, sage green, and peach. Here is a list of bedroom paint ideas that you can try.

3. Make an impression with textured walls


Ideas to decorate your bedroom with textured wall
Image Source: Sandeep Khosla Associates

Why not give your bedroom a richer appearance with textured walls. There is nothing more captivating than the feel of a smooth or a rough wall texture. Textures are typically sprayed on. But a myriad of patterns can also be added with a soft brush, hard brush, texture roller, comb, rag, or sponge over lime stucco, mud, or plaster of paris. It can be matte, gloss, or semi-gloss.

4. Add a little twist with wall panelling


Bedroom wall design ideas using liquid metal finished wall panels
Image Source: Evolve India

Who says panelling is just a protective covering. It is one of the trendiest ways to decorate your bedroom and hide imperfections in your walls. Cover your walls partially or completely with designer panels available in countless colors, patterns, textures, and thicknesses. These panels come in various materials, from wood to fiberboards to PVC, mirrors, glass, stones, and upholstered panels. Panelling your walls also gives the artwork an intriguing backdrop.

5. Play it cool with an exposed brick wall


Exposed brick wall design for bedroom wall decor
Image Source: Home Designing

If you’re the kind of person who loves everything raw, an exposed brick wall is the best option for you. Without a lot of effort, you can add that extra quirk to your bedroom wall design. These walls are adaptable and can be combined with any color or material, so you don’t have to worry about the collision. It complements the best with the contemporary and eclectic style of the interior.

6. Glam it up with wall lights


Idea for using accent light as bedroom decor items
Image Source: Must Discover

Artistically accentuate your bedroom wall design and the ambience of the space with wall-mounted lights. Choosing the right wall light can completely makeover your walls and illuminate them by highlighting their features. Light fixtures such as wall sconces add value and enhance the decorative element, thanks to their ornate design. Additionally, a wall washer evenly brightens the wall’s surface.

7. Let the gallery walls speak for themselves


Bedroom art decor ideas
Image Source: Decoist

There’s something whimsical about creating a gallery wall. You can easily string frames of different sizes together. It’s a great way to makeover your wall that’s simple, quick, and cost-effective. Display various frames of different shapes and sizes to start a conversation with your family photos, pictures of your favorite artists, travel photographs, or anything similar.

8. Embellish using wall decors


Bedroom art decor ideas
Image Source: Evolve India

A bedroom can be anything but ordinary; break the monotony by adding character with remarkable wall decors. Among wall decors, you can find anything from paintings, wall decals, and clocks to metal wall art, wood wall art, ceramic decors, hanging mirrors, and wall hangings. It is an elegant and timeless way to update the look of your wall. Sometimes all you need is a single decor to make a dramatic impact.

9. Craft a story with a mural


Bedroom wall decor idea
Image Source: Home Designing

Whether you are an art lover or simply want to make a statement, murals are the way to go. The versatility of murals can range from floral designs to geometric patterns to landscapes and motifs. The option of having a mural directly painted over the wall is perfect. It can also be made with plaster of Paris, clay, or mud. Let your creativity run wild.

10. Let the dimensions take shape with sleek wall shelves


Decorate Your Bedroom With Artistic Shelves
Image Source: Houzz

The chic look is in fashion right now, so who wouldn’t want sleek shelves. Deep enough to hold miniatures, decorative items, and frames, yet attractive enough to add to the aesthetic value of the wall. Material choices, such as wood, bamboo, and steel, can take on a whole new appearance. Play around with angles and shapes as you group shelves of varying sizes into a pretty design and see your bedroom wall decor amp up.

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Don’ts (What Not To Do)


“A room should look collected, not decorated.” – Albert Hadley.

The most common mistake that we make is decorating the walls randomly without any planning. Usually, people fill their rooms with a lot of stuff in the name of wall decoration and luxury. Your room is not a museum; it should be a collection of your taste presented in a sophisticated yet visually appealing manner.

Decorating every single wall of your bedroom is a big no. The key to establishing harmony in your room is to make one wall the room’s focal point. Or leave at least two walls the way they are so that the room can breathe. Adding variety is necessary, but adding too much can lead to confusion and discomfort, not allowing the eyes to rest.

Everything should be balanced; hanging artwork too high isn’t a good idea. In addition, hanging small decorative items on large walls is also not recommended. It’s always a pleasure to have well-designed walls around you.
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