15 Blue Bedroom Ideas For 2023 That Instill A Sense of Calmness and Serenity

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When designing a blue room in your home, perhaps there is no other space well-suited than the bedroom. The color blue instantly instills a sense of calmness and serenity and is thus preferred by many interior designers and homeowners. Be it a bright turquoise or royal blue, blue bedrooms rarely fall out of trend. So, to get you started we have curated a list of fifteen unique blue bedroom design ideas. Read along to get inspired. 

1. Beautify Your Bedroom Walls With A Lesser Used Shade of Blue


Blue Bedroom Idea
Image Source: Studio Osmosis

Looking to design a blue bedroom space that is devilishly serene? Pick an offbeat shade of blue, like the Steel Blue you see here, to cover your walls with and see your bedroom transform into a pool of tranquility. The light gray of the curtains and sofa, serene whites of the frames and pillows paired with the other shades of blue scattered around in the room help design a cohesive space that anyone would love to stay in.

2. Pair Your Desired Shade of Blue With Other Neutral Colors


Blue Bedroom Idea
Image Source: White Space Design

Blue and white is a classic color combo for a reason. But that does not mean you cannot pair blue with other neutral colors like light beige and off-white. When designed intelligently, such spaces look equally good and give off a warm summer vibe all year round. And if you have ample sunlight coming in through the windows, or like in this case through the balcony, even better. Ensure to pick furniture pieces in lighter colors to amplify the blue shade and you will have a cozy bedroom space for yourself.

3. Layer Different Shades of Blue


Blue Bedroom Idea
Image Source: Jason Wadhwani Design Studio

When designing a blue bedroom space, there can be no such thing as ‘too much blue’. So if you can’t decide which shade of blue to pick, layer them! How, you ask? Through your furnishings. Pick a fabric headboard in a dark blue shade to set the backdrop and layer all your favorite shades of blue through your pillow covers, blanket, and throws. 

4. Accentuate With A Midnight Blue Bed Back Wall


Blue Bedroom Idea
Image Source: Cadence Architects

If you prefer a bit of drama but would like to avoid bright blues, take a cue from this bedroom and consider a Midnight Blue bedroom accent wall. This slightly moody feel provides the perfect backdrop for special touches like the unique black and white tiled flooring and bright yellow wall cabinets you can see in the image above. When choosing the furnishings, ensure to pick colors that will allow the dark blue accent wall to be the center of attention in the room. 

5. Opt For A Textured Concrete Wall In Pastel Blue


Blue Bedroom Idea
Image Source: Evolve India

Textured concrete accent walls are increasingly becoming popular in the eyes of interior designers as well as homeowners. So if you’re looking to get one designed for your bedroom, the good thing is that you can also get it done in a color of your choice! Textured concrete is a great choice for achieving a cool, calm, and contemporary look. And designing a pastel blue textured concrete wall for your bedroom is a surefire way to achieve a space with unmatched aesthetic and serenity.

6. Achieve Beach Vibes With Blue & White Striped Bedroom Walls


Blue Bedroom Idea
Image Source: Essajees Atelier

Immerse yourself in a laid-back theme influenced by the coastal theme, featuring fluid outlines with luxe accents. A blue and white striped wallpaper echoes the calming feel of the sea, perfect for creating a welcoming place of escape. Accessorize with an accent table, a unique lamp, and some wall frames to achieve a luxurious yet homely ambiance. 

7. Go For An Eye-Catching Floral Blue Wallpaper


Blue Bedroom Idea
Image Source: Khosla Associates

Wallpapers are another quick way to amp up the look and feel of bland walls. And floral designs rarely go out of style. So why not pick a floral-themed wallpaper in your desired shade of blue to decorate your bedroom wall? While you are at it, make sure to pick a flooring that amplifies the beauty of the wallpaper. You can also add unique accent lights to help keep the focus on the wall.

8. Scatter Pops of Blue Throughout The Room


Blue Bedroom Idea
Image Source: Studio Osmosis

Designing a blue bedroom does not necessarily mean having blue walls all around. You can also achieve it by incorporating the color through the different elements that make a room whole. Take inspiration from this bedroom design where the designers have incorporated the color blue in the room through the flooring, furniture, decor, and furnishings and set it against a white backdrop to make the accent color stand out. Isn’t that interesting? The only thing one needs to ensure while carrying this out is to set it against a light-colored backdrop so your bedroom has a blue look and feel to it. 

9. Set A Cool Tone With Blue Furnishings


Blue Bedroom Idea
Image Source: Architectural Digest

If you’re not eager on integrating blue elements into the different aspects of your bedroom, you can also opt only for blue furnishings. Opting for blue-colored sofa seats, bench seats, throws, and pillows can also help you design a lovely blue bedroom space at a minimal effort and expense. This is also a great choice if you’re looking to renovate your bedroom under a budget

Pro tip: If you’re looking to achieve a luxurious look and feel, opt for velvet furnishings, and don’t forget to declutter your room and hide all the unnecessary items.

10. Keep It Simple With A Clean Blue Wall


Blue Bedroom Idea
Image Source: Workshop Inc.

Not keen on investing much thought, effort, or money but are keen on designing a blue bedroom space? Opt for a blue bedroom wall, pair it with white furnishings and wooden accents and see your bedroom light up. And if you have ample sunlight coming into your room, even better. During the day, you can enjoy a warm beachy vibe while at night the bedroom can turn into a safe haven for you to relax and unwind at the end of a tiring day. If a plain blue wall seems pale to you, accentuate it with unique wall decor or lights.

11. Carve Out A Cozy Nook  With Textured Wall Panels


Blue Bedroom Idea
Image Source: Evolve India

If a cozy blue bedroom is what you’re aiming for, designing a blue bed backdrop with textured concrete panels can be an ideal choice. Doing this will also help you design a minimalist bedroom space while also creating an entirely different mood for those lazy mornings when all you want to do is Netflix and chill. Keep the room clean to achieve a sense of calm and tranquility. 

12. Pair It With Other Bright Colors


Blue Bedroom Idea
Image Source: Tharbus Designs

A great way to make your blue bedroom design pop is by accentuating it with other bright colors like orange and yellow. The vibrant colors provide a hot contrast to the coolness provided by the blue color, adding lots of drama to the room. If you’re bored of playing it safe with your decor, this is a surefire way to stir things up by quite some notches.

13. Experiment With Multiple Blue Hues


Blue Bedroom Idea
Image Source: Khosla Associates

Looking to integrate multiple shades of blue into your bedroom design, but fear you will clash or do it wrong? Then choose analogous shades of blue, i.e., colors that sit beside each other on the color wheel and you will surely have great results. If you love a bold wall, then opt for one in a darker shade of blue and incorporate the lighter shades in the furnishings. Ensure to make full use of the natural sunlight coming into your room to achieve an even cozier look and feel.

14. Extend The Color To The Floor And Pair It With Dark Wood Tones


Blue Bedroom Idea
Image Source: Björn Wallander

Why just limit yourself to a blue wall when you can have a blue floor too? Break free from the conventional limits and experiment with this bright color by opting for a blue floor to go with your blue wall. Pair this with dark wood tones and other dark colors to make a bold statement with your bedroom design

15. Opt For A Classical Design But With A Twist


Blue Bedroom Idea
Image Source: Tejal Mathur Design

If you cannot decide on one style of decor, why not mix things up? If you love the classical themed homes along with plenty of patterns, this tip is for you. Fabricate your walls with blue classical panels and pick furnishings that have colorful prints and designs on them and you will have successfully designed an eclectic bedroom space. Add the final touch with some metallic accents, say through lampshades or fixtures or a velvet pillow or throw and see your bedroom turn into the most happening space of your home. 

Blue is a versatile color that can complement almost every decor scheme when styled well (there’s a reason why blue jeans are so popular – they go with everything!). Whether you’re looking to go all out with a splashy royal blue paint or add in some understated accents, there’s always something for you. If you’re looking for more bedroom design ideas, check out this blog. And if you’re looking to move on to design ideas for your living room, click here.

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