25 Modern Wall Design For TV Unit Ideas You Can Try Out In 2024

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Since televisions have made their debut in our lives, our living rooms have been incomplete without them. And in modern-day living room design, one of the essential parts to consider is the TV unit design. Whether you mount it directly on the wall or opt for a different wall design for the TV unit, it requires quite some thought and attention. So to help you make the final decision, we have compiled 25 ideas for you in this blog. Read along to get inspired and don’t forget to bookmark this page for your future reference.  

1. Indulge In An Eye-Catching Black TV Unit For That Bold Look


Image credits: Houzz

Whether it’d be a family room or a bedroom, black TV units for your recreation corner will never go out of fashion. You can either mount the TV on the wall as it lets your minimal black background talk, or you can add extra cabinets around the TV to give it a less-cluttered appearance. You can fleet in the entire lookup with monochrome black or white furniture for a bold look.

2. Finish It With High Gloss For A More Chic Look


Image credits: Pinterest

The ones who have a simple neutral wall can pair their TV by using high-gloss finished furniture on your wall, It can either be floating or can take up your floor space. High-gloss finished types of furniture are not only sleek but can also add shine to those neutral backdrops on your wall.

3. Make The Most Out Of Your TV Cabinets


Image credits: Houszed

For compact residential apartments, multifunctional spaces and smart designs are a must. You can use your TV unit furniture to not only watch television but also utilize it as your study area. You can keep your DVDs and laptops in the storage beneath it. For a longer bedroom unit, you can even extend the frame up until the very end making it look like an elongated study table area. With open shelves and an ample amount of storage, your versatile space should be good to go.

4. Go Back To Your Cozy Roots By Adding A Warm Wooden Finish To Your TV Unit Design


Image credits: Housing

A traditional wooden panel is one of the most popular wall backdrops in Indian households. You can add warmth to your living space by picking the right shade of brown for your TV unit. You can also add a full-sized wall unit that will showcase your trophies, photographs, books or even your antique furniture will add a valuable touch to your wall. Always remember to not clutter or tighten that space much as the furniture itself will look slightly heavy to the eye. You can even keep the accessories grey toned which will bring focus to your TV unit and your ambient light around it.

5.  Use Your TV Unit Wall Design As A Partition Wall


Image credits: Interior Otosection

In the design world, TV units are commonly placed on one wall of your room. But who said that they could not be floated in the center of your space? The partition between your dining and the drawing room is also an ideal spot for you to place your TV unit. Always remember to focus more on the length of your TV unit design rather than decorating it horizontally wider as the seamless movement will be lost between the living room and the kitchen area.

6. Blend In Your Bedroom Wardrobes With This TV Unit Design 


Image credits: Design Cafe

If you wish to binge-watch your favorite show in the comfort of your bed then you can install a TV unit that can seamlessly blend with the theme of your room. The design can even stretch to your wardrobe and tie the entire room together. The final result? An effortless crisp look is perfect for your cozy bedroom.

7. Go With A Modern TV Unit Design For An Uncluttered Look


Image credits: Pinterest

Natural materials, clean lines, monochromatic palletes, and natural light – modern design ideas are all about them. If you like your TV unit wall designs velvety and polished then the white-washed walls will provide the ideal background for such designs. You can add a splash of colors around it by either adding some fresh flowers or you can keep it monochrome. The whole idea of a modern TV unit design idea is to keep it burnished.

8. Achieve A Rustic Look With An Exposed Brick Wall


Image credits: Pinterest

If you seem to be liking the rustic vibe lately then this design is for you. Simply let your exposed wall breathe and add a splash of white on the walls. Do not overlay or add weights to the existing wall. This will give a nice industrial effect to the overall room. You can accessorize the wall by adding some plants and placing your TV unit in the center, giving it a nice foreground-background illustration. This can further be modified with minimal décor around the wall.

9. Choose Calming Neutrals For A Relaxed Look


Image credits: Behance

In the case of your master bedrooms, you do not need to adorn your TV unit panel in a similar manner you have designed your drawing room TV unit. One can blend in and add a TV stand which includes drawers for that extra storage you need and place your TV over to the top. These neutral walls will be the ideal backdrop for your colorful TV paired with abstruse brown/grey furniture.

10. Design A Vintage Backdrop With Verdigris Copper Panels


Image Credits: Evolve India

Take your cue from this set of deep and beautifully designed copper patina panels for your TV unit. One such design will not only provide color to your room but will give a nice artistic effect. You can pair it up with a neutral backdrop and minimal furniture for your accent wall to stand out.

11. Add A Suede Backdrop For A Luxe Look


Image credits: Homelane

If you wish to match your silky suede furniture finishes to your TV unit design, then suede backdrops are your ideal pick. This stunning TV design idea can be finished with some neutral-colored floating shelves and minimal décor. In such a wall design idea, Let your television do the talking. Keep in mind that the TV has enough space for ventilation and the entire unit does not get hot. This with time will not only affect the suede backdrop but the television functionality as well. Thus pick a suede wall design for that edgy look.

12. Opt For A Floating TV Unit Design To Save Floor Space


Image credits: Popsugar

If you do not wish to clog up the floor space, then you can invest in a floating cabinet that can be paired with a small accessorize. You can add contrasting wall paint to let your floating TV cabinet stand out. These are best suited to homes with a contemporary interior design. Remember to keep the backdrop striking with bold textures and paints for that powerful impact.

13. Utilize Your Corners


Image credits: Foter

Nooks and corners are often left unused as people remark “What use can a corner be put to?” Instead of treating your living room or bedroom corners like dead corners, you can place cornered furniture (preferably wall mounted) With your TV unit popping out from the top. You can even add accessories to the bottom to make it look like a full set. This will save up your space and give a unique dimension to your overall layout.

14. PVC Designs For That Pearl-Finished Look


Image credits: Behance

PVC designs for your LED TV work wonder if you wish to hide those unnecessary wires which pop out of your cable connection. The colors can also be chosen according to your interior décor. This panel design can also be incorporated with a selection of lights according to one’s taste. 

15. Go With Brass Panel Decor For A Timeless Royal Look


Image Credits: Evolve India

If you are someone who loves intricate design and details, You can elevate your living room by placing brass panels behind your TV unit. These handmade beauties can easily add a sense of royalty and sophistication to your interior spaces. 

16. Opt For A Sustainable Design Trend


Image credits: Interior Design Ideas

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, the current interior trend surely revolves around sustainable designs. One can cause a minimal impact on the environment by adding bamboo backdrops or can utilize recycled furniture for your TV units. Your guests can also take inspiration from the pieces that you put up around your TV wall unit.

17. Immerse Into Stone Panels For An Edgy Look


Image credits: 3D Baza

Stones are a beautiful example of a material that can be used as a décor In several different ways. For your TV unit design, you can simply use a grey stoned cladding with darker brown or black accents of the TV and minimal décor for that modern yet upscaled look. Pair it up with bronze or rose gold accents for a dazzling look.

18. Add Playful Shapes To Your Wall Unit


Image credits: Behance

Using shapes is a fun way to add a backdrop to your TV unit design. A circular backdrop adds dimension to your wall and a chic look to your living room. You can also customize it with shelves of your choice. Playing with proportions can be an ideal pick if you’re looking to achieve an artsy look just remember to not overdo it with the lights as it may tend to look supernatural after the curves exceed a point.

19. A Timeless Marble Finish TV Unit Design


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Image credits: Stilolinea

Marbles give a luxurious yet soothing look to the eyes. Add a marble panel at the back of your TV unit for an extravagant vibe. You can simply hand two pendant lights around the unit and can keep the furniture to a velvet finish for that modernized look. Always remember that marble backdrops have their visual texture hence the accents around shouldn’t add to them as they may create design chaos.

20. Bring In Vibrant Colors To Make Your TV Unit Pop


Image credits: Qanvast

Colors can either make or break your entire wall unit design. Hence they should be chosen carefully, for a more tranquil calming TV unit finish you can consider a dash of blue, yellow, or even a pastel green for that matter. Pair it with subtle wooden themed furniture which will surely calm your nerves down and will make you feel welcome inside the room. Accents such as white plants, black pots, etc can be used to clean the look.

21. Add Playfulness To Your TV Unit Design With Modern Technology


Image credits: Contemporist

Have you imagined how cool it would be if your TV pops out of nowhere right after pressing one button? For the newest technology lovers out there, You can add an entire entertainment panel where the TV unit can be enclosed inside. The panels can either slide from the front or can slide down depending on the space in that area. Always ensure that you do not have hefty accessorize in or around the panel as it may provide an extra load on the unit and give a frenzy look.

22. Achieve A Luxe Look With Bronze Wall Panels


Image Credits: Evolve India

Bronze is one such classic interior design trend that never goes out of style. With a variety of textures, shades, and finishes available, this finish can add an oomph factor to the overall room. You can even opt for bronze finishes for your accents, interior windows, and doors or even for your decorations. Always remember to keep the furniture to a faded white color for the room to even out.

23. Add A Glass Cabinet For A Seamless Transparent Look


Image credits: Archiproducts

Transparent yet contemporary glass cabinets add elegance to your TV unit. These glasses usually come in finishes of black and transparent glass, which goes well with your black TV unit. The shelves are often supported by either metal or wooden frames. You can make your pick depending on your room’s aesthetics. Always remember to opt for a tempered glass stand as it is thicker and provides better safety.

24. Include LED Strips For An Eye-Catching Night Look


Image credits: The Architecture Design

These types of backdrops for your TV units are ideal if you have a lounge or a family room. You can even customize the color of your lights and placements according to your taste. You can either add those LED strips on the sides of your unit or can add them as accent lights in between your panels. These act as great lighting accents if you are planning to throw a party around the weekend.

25. Opt For A Budget-Friendly TV Unit Design 


Image credits: Livspace

If you do not wish to invest in an overpowering TV unit design that might also be heavy on your pockets,  You can opt for a chest drawer, a study table, or even a console table. These options are not only eco-friendly but are great pocket-friendly stands for your TV unit.

Your modern flat TVscreens surely save up more space in your living rooms and your bedrooms, but designing their respective TV units can be quite tricky. Hopefully, the above 25 distinctive ideas for wall design for the TV units have helped you get inspired to design a beautiful one for yourself.

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