5 Celebrity Home Accent Wall Designs Around The Globe To Inspire Your Next Renovation

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Brought to you from across the globe, in this blog, we have compiled a list of five swoon-worthy celebrity-home accent walls that can inspire your next renovation From wallpapers to murals to just a simple yet eye-catching array of frames, these accent walls are sure to spice up your interior design – with the additional advantage of saying that a celebrity has the same wall in their house! 

1. Crash Into Robert Downey Jr’s Bold Hamptons Home

It will surprise no one that Robert Downey Jr.’s personality off-screen is just as eclectic and unique as Iron Man’s. Joe Nahem of New York-based Fox-Nahem Associates reveals that the story behind his home is an adventure in itself. 

In the master bedroom, you will find a wall-sized mural by Thomas de Leliwa in bright blue hues of the ocean. This wall mural embodies the client’s interior brief of playful color ideas with a spotlight on convenience. The bold blue and white crashing waves stand out starkly against the white-washed walls lending dynamism and movement to this opulent bedroom. 

If you’re looking to craft a captivating wall, look for experimental wall mural artists, liquid metal coated wall surfaces, or resin artworks. Make sure you choose bold colors to capture attention and make a statement.

2. Indulge In Sabyasachi’s Kolkata Mansion Of Maximalist Opulence

Image Source: Architectural Digest

Celebrity designer Sabyasachi’s flagship Mumbai outlet is known by many for its majestic design. But his mansion in Kolkata is nothing short of a masterpiece. Artistically designed, this vintage-styled home of an antique and textile specialist is the definition of maximalism. With clever layering of fabrics, frames, and cutlery paired with tasteful wooden decor, the living room is the showstopper of the house.  Designed entirely by him, Sabya often gets more excited about interior design than he does about fashion! 

Wanting to bring the outdoors inside, Sabya chose a vintage jade green hue – crafted especially using a mixture of rose-pink, turquoise, and moss green, in the specified order. Against this beautiful backdrop, he layers kooky curios and bric-a-brac of personal sentiment. Of note on the accent wall is that stunning focal Portuguese mirror, courtesy of The Raj Company, a window to the past and yet adding a sense of spaciousness here. Having worked with Asian Paints closely for three years, he knew exactly how to get what he wanted. “The walls were first washed in rose-pink, then layered with turquoise, washed out and layered once again with a moss green to give an old fresco feeling.” 

A perfectly curated vintage vibe of excess, orchestrating this look in your home requires nothing more than some carefully curated elements that you hold dear. And of course, with an eye for detail and a mind full of color you can orchestrate this look in your space too!  

3. Tradition Breathes Life In Sonam Kapoor’s Chic London Apartment

Image Source: Architectural Digest

Fashionista Sonam Kapoor’s stunning Notting Hill abode befits the style icon perfectly. A beautiful amalgamation of her traditional roots, vintage flourishes, and personalized art, the intimate space designed by Mumbai-based architect and interior designer Rooshad Shroff oozes cozy appeal.

In this delightful drawing room, a stunning de Gournay wallpaper dipped in tropical delight flanks the color-blocked dado wall paneling. Through all the bright colors, a distinctly ‘Indian’ charm pervades the space.

You can easily craft an accent wall that has timeless charm by pairing patterned wallpapers with contemporary furniture. Brands such as Nicobar, Jaypore, and LifenColours offer interesting and unique designs that can evoke a sense of warmth and coziness.

4. Revel in rustic charm inside Shah Rukh Khan’s Mumbai Mannat

Image Source: Housing

The Bollywood Badshah’s awe-inspiring abode is known by all from the outside, but have you peeked inside yet? In fact, Gauri Khan, his wife, and an interior designer herself, says “I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.” Every level of the six-storey marvel boasts a unique concept.

Zooming in, Shah Rukh’s living room is the very picture of rustic charm. Patches of exposed brick play peek-a-boo from behind a fading texture wall finish, for a space submerged in a masculine and rugged ambiance. With classic wooden frames oozing old-word charm, mood lighting fit for a lounge-like atmosphere, and perfectly curated furnishings that only complement this set-up, this living room is indeed a beautifully cohesive look at incorporating rustic ruggedness into your space. 

Want to spruce up your space with this mysterious yet cozy lounge vibe? An exposed brick wall is the way to go. If you are looking for something more natural and stone-like decorative concrete textures can offer you a brick look in a stone effect.

5. Bathe In Natural Glam With Drake’s Marble-esque Toronto Bathroom

Image Source: Architectural Digest

To think of an accent wall for a bathroom is never far-fetched for celebrities. Christened The Embassy, Drake’s Toronto home, conceptualized by Canadian designer Ferris Rafauli is a stunning melange of natural materials – all lending gravitas to its luxurious aura.

The epitome of extravagance, this bathroom is a skilled example of curated plenty. Done up in monochromatic tones, dark alcoves on either side flank the stunning white marble accent wall. The marble flooring also flows into the wall, adding to the space an element of continuity that is instantly eye-catching. Glorious in all its natural textures, while framing a reflective glass door that only crafts an illusion of even more space, this bathroom is a design marvel. 

For an equally luxurious taste in your own apartment, picking marble as your wall and ceiling design material can be your easy way forward. Pair them with minimal liquid metal surfaces and you’ve got yourself an interior befitting of royalty.

To conclude…

Every nook and corner of a celebrity’s home is curated, often by celebrity designers themselves. But no matter the scale and grandeur of these spaces, design elements from them can be borrowed to suit your personal expression. From Los Angeles to Mumbai, we hope these spaces have inspired you to create the accent wall of your dreams.

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