Easy & Affordable Materials To Help You With Home Renovation On A Budget

Money and budget are the foremost issues your mind is consumed with while deciding on the areas to renovate. It can be difficult if you plan on doing the same without any professional help. So below we share with you affordable interior products that will add to the look of your home, without making a hole in your pocket!

Interior wall designed using decorative concrete panels
Bedroom wall designed using decorative concrete panels by Evolve India

1. Fix your wall instantly with wall panels

The majority of your home is made up by walls. By simply changing this one element of your interiors, you can have the space feel new and fresh. A straightforward way to redo your walls is by using wallpapers. With the many options and materials available, wallpapers make for a good choice. If you are not looking for just an usual upgrade, there are many decorative wall panels you can opt for. They can make for beautiful feature walls and can be fixed directly on a painted wall. Of course, there is paint, but with paint there is always the worry of it chipping, cracking or moulding. A safer bet would be to renovate using materials that are water and mould resistant, and ones which can be replaced with little effort. 

Home entrance door renovated using concrete finished door skin
Entrance door of a house renovated using a concrete door skin

2. Spruce up your front door

Most of us hold back on renovating our doors because installing a new one can cost a lot of money. However entrances tell a story. A story about your style. And giving your door a makeover can enhance the feel of your interiors greatly. A quick fix for this is to use door skins. Just like wall panels, door skins are easy to install, time-saving and hasslefree. A very commonly asked question with door skins is, what does one do to the edges of the door? Just have them polished with PU, and your door will be better than the original. 

We recommend:

  • Evolve India – Check out our website if you are looking for concrete or metal door skins, that can be customised by size and design.
  • Woodzon – For wooden door skins with intricate designs. 
Revamping the flooring using affordable designer rugs
Image Source: Pinterest

3. Redoing the flooring

A time-consuming problem with home renovation on a budget is changing the flooring. Uprooting a tiled flooring can be expensive, labour intensive and restrictive. But luckily there are ways around it. We have two options for you, one is you can have your floors done using micro cement. This is a swift and simple process where a cement-based coating is applied to the floor and smoothed to achieve seamless flooring. This process will cost you less than installing tiles or marble. Second is that if you don’t hate your tiles too much, just add some character with rugs. There are many easy to maintain rugs that can give your home a vibrant look, and add character. The best part about designing with rugs is that you can change it over short durations, to give your space a different look every few years.

We recommend:

  • Rugs – There are many online stores like Rugsville and Carpetmantra, from where you can choose a carpet that fits your budget. If you are looking for high-quality rugs, you can check out Jaipur Rugs and Cocoon Fine Rugs.
  • Microcement Floorings – Bharat floorings offers seamless micro cement floorings and also has a great selection of tiles to choose from.


Wall art finished using liquid rust
Rust finished wall art by Evolve India

4. Replacing your artefacts and  furnishings

If there is anything that is quite often left out during a budget home makeover is the artefacts. Today with innovative material technologies, you can fabricate lightweight metal art pieces, or even customize cementitious decor pieces that fit your home aesthetics. Be it sculptures, wall art, or murals, companies are innovating with their processes to ensure that unique interior decor items can be manufactured at economical prices. We recommend you check out online market places to shop one of a kind art pieces to give your home an instant makeover. 

We recommend:

  • Ellementry.com – For everyday products that are handcrafted and affordable
  • Thedecorkart.com – For artistic homeware that will be a perfect choice during renovation
  • Addresshome.com – For a unique range of products, that will add a stylish touch to your home


Renovated sofa set using fabric
Image Source: Google

5. Upholster Your Furniture

There is no better way than indulging in a fresh piece of furniture to change the look and feel of your space. At the same time, buying a furniture piece may not be the need of the hour. Most of our furniture pieces are functional for a lifetime, what they need is to look unlike before for them to feel brand new. You can paint it to a new colour, replace the fabric, or clad it with a new material. Depending entirely on your budget and mood, one of the above options is a sure shot way to give your space a contemporary look in no time.

We recommend: 

  • D’Decor Fabrics – If you are looking to upholster your furniture. They have a wide range of options to choose from and we hear they are super reasonable.
  • Evolve India – Check out our store if you are looking for cladding materials to give your furniture a metal or concrete updo.
  • Asian Paints  – Visit any local store to grab a tin of paint, if changing the colour of your wood furniture is all you seek.

Renovating a home on a budget can seem tedious, especially when you are doing it yourself. But with the above tips on materials for different spaces, we hope it makes the process a tad bit easier.

If you are currently renovating your home, we recommend you check out our DIY Wall Panels and DIY Material Kits on our website. They are user-friendly products, designed keeping in mind the needs of a quick home renovation. You can also fill the form below, to receive our e-catalogue.




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Great ideas to kickstart a home renovation. Going by your guidelines, the flooring is the only thing in my house that does not require a makeover. The walls are screaming for a lick of paint, but a wallpaper sounds good. I can do with some new textures on the walls. That is an excellent recommendation.

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