Importance of Artifacts in Interior Design

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Our homes are the environmental extension of our tastes and interests. It’s where we raise families, celebrate joyous moments, and invite our loved ones. Like our signature and viewpoints, our homes are unique to us. It doesn’t matter if you live in a large bungalow or a modest apartment. What’s more important than the size of your dwelling is how well it communicates your personality, warmth, and style as one walks through its door. 

Do you remember the time you moved into your place? At first, it was nothing but walls, windows, and doors. But as time passed, it became meaningful and familiar as you filled it with family photographs, furniture, hand-me-downs, artefacts, and decor accents. In the ever-evolving world of home interior design, interior decoration items are of particular interest. They are prized not only for their aesthetic draw but also for their evocative allure.

Notice how looking at that wall sculpture design in your living room calms you down after a tiring day? Or that whimsical piece of art in your kitchen makes you giggle every time you walk by it? Artefacts have a way of influencing our moods and conjuring feelings. In this blog post, we are plumbing the depths of artefacts and how they play a pivotal role in interior design.


Create An Unforgettable First Impression


Image Source: Canva

Have you ever come across a home interior decoration item that seems like it’s immune to the changing times? Well, if you did, we only hope that you didn’t pass up the opportunity to make it yours! Despite being of a different period or origin, a piece that mingles effortlessly in your space, creating an instant “wow moment”, is worth investing in.

Artefacts do a great job of breathing life into oft-forgotten areas and brightening up small corners of our homes. Say you have a nook that could use visual interest—add a focal point like a decor platter or wall art to create a design moment. If you have an empty wall or a hallway in need of some love—intersperse it with artefacts and have them lift a neglected spot. 


Reinforce A Theme


Image Source:

When it comes to home interior design, artefacts have long served as reinforcing visual cues to address a specific style or a theme. For example, suppose your interior narrative leans towards relaxed contemporary. In that case, a serene Buddha sculpture or a collection of ceramic ginger jars depicting Buddha will work as signifiers of your aesthetic. Similarly, a curation of Pichwai paintings, brass pots, and traditional carved oil lamps will speak of a well-edited Indian approach. 

A collection of artefacts will assert your eclectic style. Try creating a mini gallery moment showcasing your magpie personality through a medley of colourful artworks, framed photographs, decor accents, etc. Keep a visual commonality in terms of colour, scale, and symmetry. When incorporating a disparate mix of styles into your schemes, ensure you aren’t just cramming artefacts together for the sake of it. The idea is to create cohesion, not chaos.


Establish A Colour Palette


Image Source:

Choosing the perfect colour palette for our home interiors is easier said than done. Perhaps you want to move beyond the fail-safe white and beige and follow your experimental instincts. However, pinning down on hues that won’t make you regret later or distract the eye can be difficult. But, not everyone has to be a colour connoisseur to plan the palette.

Let your favourite artefact decide. It could be a painting, an object d’art or any decor piece that brings a smile to your face. What you essentially do is—pluck colours from it and fill your space with them. Doing so will result in a look that is bespoke and balanced, and beautiful.

What if your source of inspiration features a plethora of colours? Then, as a rule of thumb, identify three colours that you like most and inject them into your setting. While your artefact can feature as many colours as its creator desired — you possibly cannot use those many in a space lest they disrupt and overwhelm the eye.


Stamp Your Personality 


Image Source: CAB Architects

At the end of the day, your home should appeal to you. It’s your haven, so naturally, it makes sense to populate it with furniture, objects, and artefacts that mean something to you. In other words, when it comes to cherry-picking artefacts, there’s no rule set in stone. If pairing antiques with contemporary pieces seems like the right way, then go ahead! Likewise, if you want to mix and mingle decor pieces, don’t worry about their styles clashing or you flouting any rules. First, choose the artefacts in relation to the space you want to keep them. A large, busy artwork in a small nook will overwhelm it, just like a small piece in a large setting will get lost in it.


Ground A Vignette


Image Source: Amy Bartlam

If you are a decor enthusiast like us, you know that a well-styled table-top vignette is a sure-fire conversation starter. It’s interesting how by grouping a few decor accents, you can convey a story. But of course, ask any vignette pro, and they will tell you that it always starts with an anchoring piece. Meaning—an artefact or a wall sculpture design that acts as a springboard for layering other elements in a vignette. 

See how this elegantly put together console table vignette gives off an old-world vibe? The mirror acts as an anchoring piece around which a small grouping—comprising artefacts in black, gold, and grey—is staged. Another aspect that works in favour of this set-up is the pair of vintage lamps flanking the mirror. They do the job of drawing attention to the anchor piece whilst also bringing balance to the vignette.

We hope you enjoyed reading the blog as much as we have enjoyed writing tips to help you choose artefacts for your home. If you are looking for tasteful and timeless artefacts like wall art and sculptures to liven up your space, hop on over to

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