Earthy Rustic Finishes To Achieve A Vintage Look For Your Spaces

When you hear the word “vintage” what comes to your mind? Old-fashioned? Classic? Antique? For us, vintage is an emotion and a feeling full of nostalgia, making it a design aesthetic that is ironically, timeless. Incorporating a rustic vintage look for interior spaces can at times be daunting. Finding the right rustic textures and eclectic shades in the designs of your choice, in your timeline is a constant challenge for architects, interior designers, as well as the common people. So we created this blog to help inspire you with rustic textures and 5 ways through which you can incorporate this beautiful colour to create warm and welcoming spaces.

1. Create An Earthy Rustic Bed Wall

Image of a rustic texture wall design in bedroom designed using rust texture finish
Bed backdrop designed using rust texture finish

The best way to add an earthy feel to your space is by having rustic texture wall designs as bed backdrops. With a monotone palette, walls in rust finishes can not only add a textural contrast but can also exude immense amounts of warmth throughout the bedroom – making you want to curl up in bed and never want to leave. If you’re going for a minimal vibe, you can play around with the rustic wall textures and shades that can blend in seamlessly and help you achieve a subtle vintage look.

2. Design A Vibrant Drawing Room

Image of a rustic texture wall in a living room
Living room wall designed using rust texture finish

The drawing room of your house is the perfect spot to spend an entire day reading a book or to just sit back on the sofa and relax. So it’s almost essential to create a vibe that is not only refreshing but also soothing at the same time. A statement-making, rustic textured accent wall is just the perfect way to set this mood!

3. Give Your Furniture An Antique Look

Image of center table fabricated using rust texture finish
Center table fabricated using rust texture finish

A smart way to accentuate the vintage look of your space is by giving your furniture pieces a rustic makeover. This not only can help you achieve the ambience you’re wanting to create but also lets the furniture pieces of your space tell a story.

4. Embellish Your Walls With A Classic Piece Of Art

Image of wall art fabricated using rust finish
Wall art fabricated using rust finish

The walls of a space, when adorned with raw and artistic wall arts, can instantly reflect a vintage vibe and pull your interior together. It’s the smallest details that count, and having intricate artworks, murals and home decor pieces in rustic texture finishes can help add personality to your space and naturally make it full of character.

5. Make An Everlasting Impression With Rust Entrances

Image of a rust finished entrance door
Rust finished entrance door

Why focus only on the indoors, when you can start right at the entrance to beautifully bring out the vintage vibe? Charm your guests even before they enter the space by using rustic textured door skins for your entryways, and make them the starter of a conversation.

Remember, rustic and vintage doesn’t necessarily mean unfinished and antique. In fact, rust textures can be applied onto versatile products to give them a modern personality while yet maintaining an elegant naturalistic look. They can be adapted to complement any design theme you have in mind – especially vintage! So leave your worries behind and don’t be skeptical about experimenting with them to help you achieve a classic, timeless interior.

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