Surface Design Trends 2022: What’s Hot And What’s Not

With the rise of a hybrid work model and the increased amount of time spent indoors than the outdoors, designers and clients are increasingly picky about the look and feel of their walls and furniture. In 2021, we saw an increase in demand for clean-looking ergonomic furniture, comfortable patterned lounge chairs, quirky indoor planters of various sizes and a whole lot of textured concrete walls. So what’s going to be the biggest surface design trends in 2022? Here’s our take:

1. Uniform Walls 

Accent walls are no longer fashionable. Clients are increasingly demanding that their houses, particularly their bedrooms, feel comfortable, snug, and uncluttered. In 2022, we’ll see more homogeneous walls, with one wall texture applied across the board rather than a single standout wall. From the moment you walk in, you’ll see that the room has a distinct personality. 

Uniform Walls Surface Design Trends 2022
Image Source: My Reading Room

2. Concrete Textures

Wall to floor concrete finishes stands out as a way to create a coherent area. They have a special capacity to add natural movement to a space without becoming overpowering. Decorative concrete is not only less expensive than marble or high-end veneers, but it also gives any space a distinct personality because of the way it is built. As a result, no two rooms will be exactly alike in terms of texture.

Concrete Textures Surface Design Trends 2022
Image Source: Evolve India

3. Statement Furniture Pieces 

With ergonomic furniture becoming the go-to for work tables and cane furniture pieces for the outdoors, clients are preferring to style their common areas with statement-making furniture pieces. They not only set the tone for design style, but they’re also a great way to make any area feel more inviting. When it comes to trends, statement furniture pieces are the outliers. Statement furniture items are outliers when it comes to trends. They don’t follow any rules or trends. These pieces tell a story and, more often than not, become the focal point of the room.

Statement Furniture Pieces Design Trends 2022
Image Source: Evolve India

4. Maximalistic Patterned Fabrics

We all love a ceiling to floor sheer curtain, but maximalist patterns are becoming more popular. Everyone appreciates a pop of artwork in their room, whether it’s in the form of wallpapers, curtain fabrics, pillow coverings, or chair furnishings. Maximalist patterns not only offer character to a room, but they can also define its style. They’re not only a wonderful method to add oomph, but they’re also a great way to show off your personality.

Maximalistic Patternend Fabrics Surface Design Trends 2022
Image Source: Fabrics and Papers

5. Designer Planter Pots

The pandemic saw many develop green thumbs. Be it out of their love for nature, or a long untapped passion for gardening. The demand for planter pots has been at an all-time high, thanks to the growing popularity of home gardens. Many modern concrete planters with varied colours and current patterns are expected to be seen in 2022. Vintage brass planters come in a close second place, as they add a sense of grandeur to any space.

Designer Planter Pots Design Trends 2022
Image Source: Shopee

6. Organic Materials

Bringing the outdoors indoors will become increasingly vital as Omicron arrives, providing a new level of uncertainty. When designing major projects, outside facades composed of bamboo, recycled metal, cork, fibre, bio-glass, and other composite materials would be used. Materials that are recyclable and natural will be prioritised.

Organic Materials Surface Design Trends 2022
Image Source: Home Edit

7. Patterned Floors

Patterned floors, whether made of cement tiles or wood, are regaining popularity. They can give a subtle splash of colour and movement to any room. Due to its modest capacity to provide flow and its straight lines keeping the design tidy, the herringbone pattern is making a resurgence in oak floors. Cement tiles are increasingly featuring clean, geometrical, and flat designs, keeping with current design trends in which flat is the new 3D.

Patterned Floor Surface Design Trends 2022
Image Source: Floor and Decor

8. Painted Doors 

Doors are now being seen as more than just their functionality. They’re being used to create interesting designs across the interiors. Be it hidden doors to create an accent wall, or painted doors to enhance the style statement of a space. 2022 is going to see bold doors that are crafted with mixed medium materials to create eye-catching designs.

Painted Doors Surface Design Trends 2022
Image Source: The Spruce

9. Whimsical Powder Rooms

Powder rooms are increasingly being given the glam makeover. With more time spent indoors, every corner counts, and your bathroom walls are no exception. Powder rooms are the latest passion projects, whether it’s pastel-coloured tiles or animal printed wallpapers. Where clients are letting go and allowing their genuine personalities to shine through.

Whimsical Powder Room Design Trends 2022
Image Source: Pinterest

10. Curvy Everything

Curved shapes will be popular in 2022, whether it’s for the centre table or the comfortable sofa. The roundedness of the designs gives the space a softer feel. The curving shapes provide a sense of movement in the room. Many organic curved shaped sofas, side tables, and other furniture pieces will be seen in 2022.

Curvy Everything Design Trends 2022
Image Source: Home Designing

Luxury will continue to be significant in 2022, but the definition of luxury has changed. Homeowners are increasingly desiring a more comfortable atmosphere that is sophisticated but approachable. It’s less stylized and more tailored to the people who live there. Comfortable places that seamlessly integrate all elements of life – work, home, and social – will define luxury in 2022.

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