Top 10 Rug Stores In Mumbai You Cannot Miss Out To Visit In 2024

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Designing a home is a memorable experience where every detail matters — from wall finishes to decor elements. And in it, rugs and carpets, play a vital role in binding the whole space together.  Thus, adding a rug can either make or break your experience, which makes choosing the right one for your space all the more important. When it comes to culturally diverse cities like Mumbai, there are plenty of products available. Finding the right rug stores in Mumbai which resonates with “your” taste gets tough. We’ve picked 10 stores to help you find the best rugs that this city of dreams has to offer. Take a look!

1. Cocoon Rugs, Worli


Cocoon Rugs, Worli | Top Rug Stores in Mumbai
Image Source: LBB

Cocoon Rugs is a bespoke carpet brand that specializes in hand-knotted rugs. It combines traditional craftsmanship with designers’ aesthetics. These rugs and carpets come in a range of different sizes, textures, shapes, and patterns. Geometric, abstract, and intricately traditional to tribal design styles are included in their collection. Top collaborations of Cocoon rugs include well-known design experts like Ashiesh Shah, Hiren Patel, Rooshad Shroff, Varun Bahl, reD Architects, and brands like Falguni Shane Peacock, just to name a few.

Price: Starting from INR 24,000

2. Shyam Ahuja Rugs, Worli


Shyam Ahuja Rugs | Top Rug Stores in Mumbai
Image Source: Shyam Ahuja

“Handmade in India” is the tag line of this brand, which crafts traditional Indian hand-woven dhurries.  Shyam Ahuja Rugs represent the Indian dhurries as a significant floor covering. The rugs are available in a variety of different styles like traditional, contemporary, geometric, or textured. These designs are rich in colors and patterns. The brand is synonymous with Indian dhurries and is a legacy of Shyam Ahuja. It promotes the weavers and karigars of the Indian handloom industry where every piece is a work of art.

Price: Starting from 2,500 – 3000 INR

3. Jaipur Rugs, Lower Parel


Jaipur Rugs | Top Rug Stores in Mumbai
Image Source: Jaipur Rugs

Jaipur Rugs are the pioneering rug makers to take the Indian rug industry to a global level. They have a wide range of rugs to choose from – traditional, modern, transitional, artisanal, or custom. The brand is associated with over 40,000 artisans. It is bringing together the age-old weaving tradition with contemporary designs. Weavers are encouraged to express their creativity at Jaipur Rugs. They extensively collaborate with industry experts from across the globe, to curate an assorted collection of India’s crafted heritage. A few of their collaborations include – Ashiesh Shah, Gauri Khan, Hiren Patel, Kate Spade, Artemis, etc. 

Price: Starting from 1,500 INR

4. Variety Furnishings, Bandra


Variety Furnishings, Bandra | Top Rug Stores in Mumbai
Image Source: Home Designing

Variety furnishings houses a collection of local affordable rugs, that are perfect for Indian homes. They are available in a range of different shapes and sizes and come in vibrant designs of a typical Indian aesthetic. Consider this bargain-basement store if you’re on a tight budget and want a stylish rug for your space.

Price: Starting from 400 INR

5. Bombay Store, Multiple Outlets


Bombay Store | Top Rug Stores in Mumbai
Image Source: Pinterest

The Bombay Store is a one-stop destination for picking up home decor, gifts, and souvenirs in Mumbai. Head to this store, if you want to buy a quirky, affordable rug with bold prints, vibrant colors, and elaborate patterns. These are available in different materials – jute, cotton, wool, or even silk.

Price: Starting from 2,500 INR

6. Venjara Carpets, Babulnath


Venjara Carpets, Babulnath | Top Rug Stores in Mumbai
Image Source: Venjara Carpets

Looking for large floor carpets, Venjara Carpets is the go-to place. Premium quality imported broadlooms are their specialty. These machine-made rugs come in design styles like traditional, modern, geometrical, abstract, shaggy, etc. They are imported exclusively from Belgium, and Saudi Arabia and are ideal for large commercial spaces and hospitality industries. Broadlooms can be cut to make smaller rugs. Apart from that, they also have a variety of handmade rugs in materials like wool, silk, cotton, kelim and jute, carpet tiles, and turfs. 

Price: Starting from 10 INR per sq ft

7. Mehra Carpets, Worli


Mehra Carpets, Worli | Top Rug Stores in Mumbai
Image Source: Mehra Carpets

From traditional rugs like Persian, Caucasian, kilims, Kashmiri silks, Bokharas, and Kashans to contemporary rugs like solids, geometric, and textured, Mehra Carpets has it all. A goodly collection of dreamy carpets is their USP. Mehra carpets are woven using the finest quality raw materials by skilful artisans. This assortment comes with the additional benefits of affordability, they have a carpet for every need.  

Price: Starting from 1500 INR

8. Carpet Maker, Nerul 


Carpet Maker, Nerul | Top Rug Stores in Mumbai
Image Source: Beautiful Homes & Gardens

Carpet Maker has a melange of regional carpets from Iranian, Afghani, Turkish, Kashmiri, etc. It possesses a one-of-a-kind collection of intricately decorated rug designs. They also have rugs with contemporary abstract designs, patterns, and textures. 

Price: Starting from 5,000 INR

9. Obeetee, Mahalaxmi


Obeetee, Mahalaxmi | Top Rug Stores in Mumbai
Image Source: Obeetee

Obeetee rugs are proudly made in India. It has the first documented collection of carpets with an entirely Indian-inspired aesthetic. They create hand-turfed, handwoven, and hand-knotted rugs. These come in traditional, contemporary, bohemian and regional styles. These luxurious heirloom-worthy carpets are durable, easy to maintain, and last for generations. Their designer collections include collaborations with designers like Tarun Tahiliani, Shantanu & Nikhil, Abraham & Thakore, Ravendra Rathore, and many more.

Price: Starting from 7,000 INR

10. Perennials, PJ Ramchandani Marg


Perrenials, PJ Ramchandani Marg | Top Rug Stores in Mumbai
Image Source: Pinterest

Perennials create luxury designer rugs that are sometimes custom-made in different shapes and sizes. These durable rugs are handmade with flatwoven, drop stitch, and Tibetan knot techniques. They use a muted palette and come in solid, textured geometric and abstract art patterns. The rugs are designed by both artisans and designers. The sophisticated designs are perfect for modern homes. 

Price: Starting from 5,000 INR

Rug stores in Mumbai offer versatile rugs, where every rug is unique. Whether you want a simple affordable jute or cotton rug or bespoke luxurious handwoven rug, you will certainly find the one that resonates with your style.

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