Modern Metal Door Designs, Unlike Any You’ve Seen

A beautiful entryway can make a statement about your interior style in an instant. Be it a modern metal door design or a handcrafted vintage one, crafting such entrances is our speciality. 

To help you tell a story, we at Evolve India manufacture door skins that can be customised by size, design, and base substrate. Our ability to design bespoke door skins is what makes us unique. Here are some of our best door projects. Read on to know more about our process.

Modern door design by Evolve India, finished using brass liquid metal coating
Beautiful brass main door for a villa

 Brass Entrance Door Design

Metal doors are always in vogue, especially brass ones. Owing to its dull gold tone, it evokes a feeling of richness and can easily be paired with popular exterior materials like textured concrete, wood and paint. We created this beautiful hand textured brass door using liquid metal coatings. Thus, making it one of a kind. 

For this door, our challenge was how high it was. The designers had the fibre sheets prefabricated to the 10 feet height and 5 feet width, and it needed to be finished in our workshop and delivered to the site. In this case, factory finish was the most optimal choice to give them a seamless finish. The finish was sealed with a protective topcoat to prevent it from oxidising due to the sun, a common phenomenon in metal sheets. 

Modern door design by Evolve India, finished using rust liquid metal coating
Rust finished entrance door for Studio Untitled

Corten Steel Double Door Design

 The designers at Studio Untitled wanted to incorporate an earthy look to their entrance and decided on using our rust finish. The texture is just like corten steel but manufactured using real iron. You can also check out the project here.

The designer doors were ideated by the architect and finished at our factory in Mumbai. The base used was MDF and the product was then finished using liquid metal coating. Ideally, to manufacture a corten steel door it would have taken an ample amount of time, energy and money. But with liquid metal, one can spray metal onto any surface and give it the look and feel of real metal, albeit just 2 mm thick.  

Modern door design by Evolve India, finished using gun metal liquid metal coating
Gunmetal finished 3D front door for a holiday home

3D Gunmetal Front Door Design

 3D doors add a lot of character to an entrance. They lend dimension, depth and a playfulness to the space. Seen in the image above is a main door for a holiday home that we designed using a gunmetal in a 3D finish. This door is much lighter when compared to a real metal 3D door, making it uniquely valuable. 

For this project, the client chose from our standard design range, and we had the door skin crafted which was then installed onsite by the carpenter, and the edges were polished using PU.  

Modern door design by Evolve India, finished using copper liquid metal coating
Designer door skin for main door of a flat, finished with copper

Copper Flat Entrance Door Design

 More often than not, your builder has an average looking door installed across the building for all the flats. A challenge faced by many clients, including this one. We recommended he choose our door skin for the entrance door, and that we would fabricate designer panels for the adjoining walls, to uplift his entrance entirely.

This custom door skin is factory finished using liquid copper. Following the concept of sun rays, we designed the panels on either side to have lines that seem to be continuing from the door skin, to give it connectivity and consistency. The edging was done using PU and the door has then been sealed with a protective topcoat, to give it a long life. 

Modern door design by Evolve India, finished using bronze liquid metal coating
Double door designed with bronze for a Villa entrance

Bronze Double Door Entrance Design 

Villa entrance projects are always fun. One can experiment beyond the normal. For this project by KNS Architects, the team wanted the bronze from the interiors to match the exteriors. The door, handcrafted and finished in dual bronze tones, is unlike any you’ll see.

The doors were finished at our factory and were coated on both sides. The edges were polished using PU and were then installed on-site. To ensure they withstand any climatic condition, they are made using exterior grade fibre. Following this, they are sealed with a protective layer to ensure no further oxidization takes place.  

Are you looking for a designer door? Check out our collection of unique door skins by filling the form below. 



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