What Are The Upcoming 11 Interior Design Trends For 2023?

As we approach the start of a new year, our collective gaze is drawn to the future, which we hope will be larger, better, and brighter. The remote work culture became the new standard in 2021, prompting us to reconsider and reevaluate how we use our homes. Even the most conservative among us were inspired to abandon tried-and-true patterns and venture outside of our comfort zones as a result of being cooped up indoors.

The supply chain disruptions and a general sense of insecurity that the pandemic has left us with have pushed us to take a step back and develop a meaningful relationship with nature and people. Our desire to reconnect to what is familiar, uncomplicated and authentic will be echoed in the year 2023. Sustainability, multi-functionality, and versatility will all be factors in design decisions, raising our residences from one-dimensional, hyper-programmed boxes to individualised and flexible spaces that multi-task just like we do.

Read the blog to learn about the top 11 interior design trends for 2023, which range from laid-back, relaxed colour palettes to furnishings with retro leanings.

Trend #1: Well-Appointed Work From Home Spaces


Upcoming 11 Interior Design Trends For 2022
Image Source: Bestar

The work-from-home situation has come a long way from being a makeshift solution born out of necessity to a widely-adopted design feature that will see us into 2023 and beyond. Our workspaces no longer have to be on our dining table or bedrooms where distractions abound. Instead, the coming year is all about carving out a dedicated corner in our homes with trusty furniture workhorses like a desk and an ergonomic chair, stationery items, light fixtures, and decor accents to add a tiny fun element to work.

Trend #2: Furnishings with an Old-World Mystique


Upcoming 11 Interior Design Trends For 2022
Image Source: David Cleveland

The fascination with the old is going to spill over into 2023. Experts predict an upsurge in vintage furnishings and accents. Styles ranging from the French countryside to edgy Indian eclecticism will dictate interior design ideas for living rooms and bedrooms. Think a classic chaise lounge or a settee reupholstered in Ikat print or hand-me-down china displayed proudly on a console.

Trend #3: Warm And Welcoming Earthy Tones 


Upcoming 11 Interior Design Trends For 2022
Image Source: The Spruce

The need to have versatile and welcoming spaces has never been so ever-present as it does now. So while neutrals are fixtures in home decor ideas regardless of the season, the palette, next year, will see chameleonic shades towards the warmer side of the spectrum. From toasty browns to deep rusts to pale creams to soft honey tones to mineral monochromes will be proving once again that they are a fail-safe and sophisticated choice for curating inviting spaces. You can bring these subtle hues by layering textiles or enriching your walls, panels, and doors with textured rustic finishes as offered by home decor brands like Evolve India.

Trend #4: Handmade, Artisanal Objects 


Upcoming 11 Interior Design Trends For 2022
Image Source: Houzz

Sustainability is here to stay. A sense of consciousness has dawned on consumers, which has fostered appreciation and support for homegrown artistry. Whether it’s buying from a home decor brand specialising in reviving a local craft or buying from a small design studio that pays its artisans fairly, consumers will continue investing in environmentally and ethically made products.

Trend #5: Tranquil Greens 


Upcoming 11 Interior Design Trends For 2022
Image Source: Home Designing

There seems to be a colour consensus among big leagues of paint companies. They are all pegging green as one of the major interior design trends for 2023. Green reflects our need for creating comforting living environments and reconnecting to nature. There’s a dizzying array of shades to choose from—vibrant emeralds to mossy neutrals to grounding olives—get ready to envelop your interiors in its wrap-around elegance. 

Trend #6: Relaxed Minimalism  


Upcoming 11 Interior Design Trends For 2022
Image Source: Apartment Therapy

In the ever waxing and waning of interior design trends, minimalism remains an enduring classic. The core idea of minimalism remains unaltered—liveable spaces that are uncluttered without being uninteresting, pared-down without being clinical. The new minimalist approach calls for a serene palette, natural materials, multi-purpose furniture, and rustic touches. 

Trend #7: Antique Furniture 


Upcoming 11 Interior Design Trends For 2022
Image Source: Modsy

Given the complex times we live in—it’s not surprising to crave familiar, beautiful, and simple things. Antique furniture ticks all these boxes. In addition to introducing a period-specific charm in interiors, they bring with them a sense of nostalgia that provokes timelessness and personalisation. Experts are anticipating contemporary spins on classic silhouettes with patinated, distressed, and lived-in finishes.

Trend #8: Uniform Walls


Upcoming 11 Interior Design Trends For 2022
Image Source: Evolve India

Accent walls will be a thing of the past. Trend Forecasters believe that design enthusiasts won’t be shying away from going big or bold. While accent walls add an instant focal point to the room, they can also stand out like a sore thumb for being different. Painting walls in a single colour or monochromatic hues or dressing them all in a preferred wallpaper design is a way of creating a cohesive, well-put-together look, something that people will be gravitating towards in 2023.

Trend #9: Bringing The Outdoors Inside


Upcoming 11 Interior Design Trends For 2022
Image Source: Frankel Building Group

2023 will see our love for nature go beyond peppering our indoors with potted plants. Floor-to-ceiling windows and large doors will be favoured over traditional options as they afford a panoramic view of the outdoors. The demand for dedicated indoor gardening spaces has risen in the last few years, and post-pandemic, it’s been only going strong. 

Trend #10: Maximalism


Upcoming 11 Interior Design Trends For 2022
Image Source: Pinterest

As our homes take on a multi-dimensional meaning with remote working, the need to fashion spaces that speak to one’s individuality is taking centre stage. Maximalism is just the ticket for interior design enthusiasts who want to embrace their design personality. So whether it’s through large-scale floral patterns, mixed and matched soft furnishings, or a splash of bright red on the living room wall—it’s whatever tickles your fancy. 

Trend #11: Mindful Japandi Aesthetic


Upcoming 11 Interior Design Trends For 2022
Image Source: Lifestyle Asia

Japandi is a harmonious coming-together of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetic philosophies. Characterised by ingenious craftsmanship, sparse styling, and easygoing functionality—the Japandi aesthetic is a breath of fresh air in a world driven by fast fashion. So if you are looking to refresh your bedroom with well-curated, serene interior design ideas, we’d say look no further than Japandi. 

Now that you know the top interior design trends for 2023, we hope you feel inspired to pursue and incorporate some of these ideas in your home next year. However, before jumping on the bandwagon, ask yourself if the upgrade/overhaul fits your lifestyle and evolving needs. 

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