How is Office Interior Design Improving Staff Productivity & Mental Wellness?

From the tiny cubicles and bland colour schemes of the early 2000s to the ping-pong tables and sleeping pods of modern times, the interior design of offices has evolved dramatically in the past 20 years. The focus of office interior design is shifting once again. Office interior design is now becoming more and more centred around the wellbeing of staff members.

Office Interior Design For Employee Mental Wellbeing

Interior Design And Employee Wellbeing

Workplace stress is one of the most common sources of stress in humans. In reality, according to national figures from 2019, 602,000 persons suffered from work-related stress, depression, or anxiety in 2018/19, resulting in the loss of 12.8 million workdays. Many firms have re-evaluated how they support their employees as a result of the rise in work-related stress and the emphasis on the importance of mental health. Many companies are attempting to actively improve their employees’ mental well-being and health.

Although boosting employee productivity and well-being through office architecture and interior design is not a new concept, it is quickly gaining traction. Employees’ health and well-being are greatly influenced by their working environment. A good workspace that is created with health and wellbeing in mind can improve moods, increase productivity in the workplace, reduce stress, and foster a positive work environment.

Brilliant Interior Designing Tips for Workplaces

Let’s take a closer look at some of the fantastic factory internal hints that can help you establish the right mix between efficiency and staff well-being. 

Design As Per The Flow Of The Office:

Some companies must pick between an open-plan office interior design and an office with enclosed spaces for isolation. When it comes to retaining worker interest, a combination of the two is more beneficial. Employees are encouraged to roam around in an open-plan arrangement, which is fantastic for increasing activity levels. 

Furthermore, an open-plan office promotes communication and collaboration. For those hands who enjoy being alone and quiet while working, adding small, private capsules will be beneficial. You should incorporate a creative space for brainstorming and team meetings when boosting the well-being of your employees through interior design. Here are some amazing open plan office layouts

Top Tip: Include space for water coolers in any office arrangement you choose. It is beneficial for the employees’ health and well-being to have quick access to cold water, as it keeps them hydrated.

Office Interior Design For Increasing Productivity In Workplace
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Natural Lighting Is Essential:

The sun is beneficial to our health. To release endorphins and serotonin — the chemicals that enhance our mood and give us energy – our bodies require Vitamin D, and a daily allowance of fresh air. Nonetheless, spending eight hours a day indoors is unavoidable for office workers, which is why it’s critical to expose your office to as much natural light as possible. This also helps improve employee productivity and efficiency.

Consider including skylights or bottom-to-ceiling windows in your office design. When it comes to interior design, keep huge movables away from windows to avoid blocking light. Minimize dim lighting as it can strain your eyes, and avoid glare as much as possible. In case your space does not have natural light, here’s 8 ways to fake natural light.

Office Architecture And Interior Design For Employee Mental Wellbeing

Bring The Outdoors In:

Studies show the wellness of workers who work in a terrain enhanced with natural features is 15% more refined than those who do not. Add natural elements to your office by having a variety of indoor plants like succulents, snake plant, ZZ plant, parlor palm, or a living wall. Plants clean the air and are known to reduce stress levels, boost creativity, increase productivity in the workplace and thus taking proper care of employee mental well-being. Perhaps you could even include an indoor flower garden. Another way to add natural elements to your office interior design is by choosing surfaces made from natural materials like concrete, wood, and tombstone, etc.

Wellness Interior Design

Choose The Right Colours:

Different colours generate different moods. Soft tones like brown and terracotta generate a feeling of warmth and relaxation which is why they are often found in bedrooms. Bright colours such as blues and oranges generate energy and yellows are great for promoting creativity. For promoting wellness interior design one should select the colours carefully.

In-office areas and meeting room colours like blue, green, or red that stimulates productivity and creativity should be used. For break rooms and relaxation areas softer shades like white, grey, or violet that evoke calming feelings should be used. If you are not sure of which combination of colours is best suited for your office space, here’s a list of designer approved colour combinations.

Improve Employee Efficiency With Proper Office Interior Design


Fatigued and frustrated workers are common as a result of excessive screen time and sedentary desk occupations. To minimize this, businesses are focusing on ergonomic designs, which can be achieved by including anthropometry. Furniture that supports a person’s neutral posture; may also be height-adjustable so that they can work comfortably while standing. Purchase chairs with a backrest that reaches the shoulder and an armrest that supports the forearm. Employees are frequently heard complaining about back or shoulder aches, which detracts from production and hurts the workplace environment.

For long periods at the desk, chairs with convexity around the lower back are recommended because they provide better support and comfort. Similarly, when working, the height of the workstation should be around elbow level, allowing the shoulders to rise or lean forward. Underneath the table, there should be a footrest. Vertical utilities like the table, chair, etc should be tall enough and have curved edges. Allow enough room between the furniture elements to facilitate movement and stretching.

Improve Employee Efficiency With Proper Office Interior Design


There’s a thin line between being involved in a collaborative space and being uncomfortable in a noisy one. To avoid the latter, workrooms should be designed in such a way that employees can think and work in a calm and tranquil setting, as well as collaborate and ideate in areas designated for debates and brainstorming.

As constructing an open office space, make sure it has a low noise level or provide a few quiet zones where people may sit and concentrate when needed. The placement of dividers, walls, and obstacles in a plan can all play a role in determining the sound or noise limit. Furthermore, the materials used in the workplace have a significant impact on the noise level. A tile or hard floor, for example, would not absorb sound as well as a soft carpet or even vinyl flooring. This can be further enhanced by slightly raising and insulating the floor to reduce echo.

Here’s how you can incorporate acoustic solutions across your office space. Along with other more direct techniques to nurture mental wellbeing, opting for wellness interior design for your office can inspire good habits and positive emotions.

Improve Employee Efficiency With Proper Office Architecture and Interior Design

Collaborative Furniture:

Collaborative furniture like enclave seating, half-open half-close seating, the social seating space, etc not only allows you to experiment with the design of a space in unique ways, but it also encourages people to gather to speak and exchange ideas, supporting and fostering one of the most important parts of any business: cooperation.

Gathering rooms are designed to encourage individuals to be creative in a calm environment where expression and dialogue can flow freely. These areas should be stimulating and pleasant, but not to the point where visitors feel compelled to slumber.

Collaborative Furniture For Increasing Productivity In Workplace

Areas Of Relaxation:

To enhance employee wellness and reduce stress levels as well as employee efficiency, you should provide your employees with areas where they can relax. Unlike other rooms, the area of relaxation should be designed by giving priority to two things: Peace and Comfort. Your employees can meditate, read or simply relax away from the bustle of the office. Here’s a short but comprehensive list to get you started.

Improve Employee Efficiency With Proper Office Architecture and Interior Design

Hang Artwork That Inspires:

Appreciating any type of artwork cultivates inspiration. Art has a long history of being associated with power, inventiveness, and the ability to influence thinking. According to a study published in the Journal of Business Research, creative people who are open to art feel more motivated in their daily life and accomplish better creative jobs. Art can help you be more creative while also lowering your stress level. Quotes and mantras hung on the wall can also help to stimulate thought and motivate employees. When used in conjunction with the proper colour scheme in the right environment, artwork can improve cognitive performance.

Improve Employee Efficiency With Proper Office Architecture and Interior Design
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Easily Accessible Refreshment Zones:

A significant number of offices feature bistros that are easily accessible to their employees. Giving staff a place to refuel and get together is highly suggested. Keep in mind, though, that such rooms aren’t overly fussy in terms of design. Many offices prefer a modest, charming cafeteria or lunchroom. Or a nook in the corner pantry. Whatever your choice, make sure it’s got a pop of colour to lend it a refreshing vibe.

Improve Employee Productivity With Proper Office Architecture and Interior Design

We all want to belong to something, and the office is a crucial location for individuals to feel like they’re part of a community and a place that may help rather than harm their mental health. Creating areas that promote wellbeing can benefit both businesses and their employees. It has the potential to reduce sick days, engage employees, boost productivity, boost employee happiness, and retain top talent. 

To give a homogeneous and final touch as per the specified design, all heterogeneity of various materials employed is coated with paint. What your employees see at the office is extremely important, including the coat, colour, lustre, and texture that is finally applied as it comes into contact with them.

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