Project Name: Designing A Stunning Modern Office Reception With Liquid Metal Copper

Location: Mumbai, India

Finish: Liquid Metal Copper

Architect: Kayzad Shroff, SHROFFLEóN

The client R.Raheja was looking for a unique textured finish, similar to a leather pattern, to craft a modern-day office reception that would add a touch of class and elegance to the entrance area. While the design team at Shroffleon was seeking a textured finish that would not only add oomph but also hide the door and make it appear as if it were a part of the reception wall. 

We proposed they work with liquid metal copper, in the texture “fissure”, because copper has a very regal feel to it and the fine fissure texture lends an element of luxe. Additionally, this texture could be applied onsite to provide a seamless reception office counter. Thus making the door invisible and meeting both the design requirements. 

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