Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1) Are Evolve India’s finishes applicable for Interiors or Exteriors?

Evolve India’s finishes can be applied across Interiors and Exteriors for all types of projects; Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Villas, F&B and Retail.

Q 2) Can Evolve India’s finishes be used in wet areas?

Evolve India’s finishes can be applied on wet areas and powder rooms on the walls. We recommend appropriate substrates to project basis. Connect with us to know more

Q 3) Can Evolve India’s finishes be done on 3D surfaces and contours?

Evolve India finishes can be applied across flat walls, 3D surfaces and contoured surfaces. We have a wide range of panels that can be used across the above areas.

Q 4) If we buy Evolve India’s panels, will the visual be seamless?

Yes. Evolve India’s panels are designed in a way where the overall look will be a continuous design with an almost seamless appeal. Although a fine hair line joint will be visible.

Q 5) Can Evolve India finishes be done on ceiling?

Yes, Evolve India’s finishescan be done on ceilings using our panels or an onsite application.

Q 6) Can Evolve India finishes be done on Doors?

Yes, Evolve India’s finishes are versatile and can be applied on Walls, Doors and Table Tops.We have a wide range of Door Skins available for ready use.

Q 7) Can Evolve India finishes be done on Furniture like Table Tops and Chair?

Yes, Evolve India finishes can be applied across all types of furniture pieces like chairs, table tops, side tables, center tables, wadrobe units etc. We do not recommend our finishes around kitchen counters and hot areas.

Q 8) Can Evolve India’s finishes be done on floors?

No, Evolve India’s finishes cannot be done on floors. Our finishes are best applicable across flat surfaces like Walls, Facades, Doors and Public Areas.

Q 9) Can Evolve India customize Home Décor Pieces?

Yes, we at Evolve India work with Architects and Interior Designers to bring their ideas to life. Each customization project is dealt with great attention to detail to ensure creation of unique value. Our past projects include Bespoke Entrance Doors, Centre Tables, Side Tables, Artefacts, Home Décor Pieces and Sculptures and Artwork.

Q 10) What is the thickness of Evolve India’s panels?

Evolve India’s Ready to Install Panels range comes in the standard size of 1200mm x 2400mm. The panels can be applied in Interiors and Exteriors. The thickness of the panels ranges between 2mm to 10mm depending on the design chosen.

Q 11) Can Evolve India’s panels be customized?

Yes, Evolve India’s panels can be customized to size and by design. We also work with Architects and Interior Designers to customize finishes and designs to their needs, which are not already included in our standard range of Interior and Exterior Finishes.

Q 12) What base can Evolve India’s finishes be applied on?

Evolve India’s finishes are manufactured using a blend of different technologies and they can be applied on any base from MDF, WPC, ACP, SS, Bison, Glass, Paper, Leather, Acrylic etc. These finishes can be used across all types of projects.

Q 13) How are Evolve India’s finishes manufactured?

Evolve India’s finishes are manufactured using a blend of International Technologies. Our process is completely inhouse and we do not dependent on any external party for our manufacturing process. The factory is located in Goregaon West, Mumbai, India and our showroom is in Lokhandwala, Mumbai, India

Q 14) What metals do you work with?

Evolve India’s metal finish range includes but is not limited to finishes designed using Iron, Aluminum, Gun Metal, Copper, Brass and Bronze and all oxidation forms. We also have a range of Decorative Concrete Finishes which are manufactured using concrete. Both finish ranges can be used in Interiors and Exteriors.

Q 15) Are Evolve India’s finishes environment friendly?

Yes, all our finishes are manufactured using green technologies, making our finishes environment friendly. We are huge believers of a green earth and as a company we continuously work on ensuring the use of green practices that includes reducing the use of water, recycling raw materials to decrease wastage and minimizing waste in general

Q 16) How to install Evolve India’s Ready to Install Panels?

Evolve India’s Ready to Install Panels are very easy to install. When you purchase our panels, they are accompanied by an installation guide, that will take you through all steps on installation, as well as come with product recommendations. Any contractor or joinery company would be able to install them easily.

Q 17) Are Evolve India’s finishes paints?

Evolve India’s finishes are not paints but essentially coatings. Our finishes are designed using real metal and real concrete and applied to any substrate using a set of different tools and techniques. Evolve India’s finishes are available in a variety of forms; Panels, Material Kits and Factory Finish

Q 18) Why should I Choose Evolve India's service?

Evolve India is one of the leading pioneers in the surface design industry with a wide range of new-age texture finishes and the best interior decorators for executing unique home interior ideas in the most convenient manner. With innovative interior surface decoration items like liquid metal, decorative concrete and corten steel we make designing a fun, creative and easy process for interior decorators all around the world. Our easy customisation options also allow you to achieve any home interior ideas, be it simple or complicated, just the way you have envisioned it. What’s more? We also have a wide range of unique home decor items for you to add the final touch to your homes, offices or projects and give it an elegant look. We’re often told that our online store is one of the best home decor websites in India because of our range of office decoration items and interior decoration items

Q 19) What cities do you work in?

Our services are available locally in India and we also ship worldwide. No matter where you are located, we are just a call away to provide you with the best interior decoration items and services. Additionally we do take on select onsite projects and offer you the service of our best interior decorators to finish your walls, furniture and doors.

Q 20) How much will your Product & Service cost?

Our product cost and service cost depends on the design, finish and supply mode of the product you wish to purchase. We currently ony supply interior design products and do not offer any interior designing services. You can email us at or call us at +91 93728 62239 to get a quote for your project.

Q 21) What is the most important factor when designing a room?

The purpose and style of the room are two of the most important deciding factors while designing a room. While interior decoration items do contribute to the home interior design, it is only once the purpose and style have been decided that the elements of interior design can be brought together in a cohesive manner to make the space look beautiful.

Q 22) Can I get customize Wall Panel?

Yes, you can get a customised wall panel. We offer a wide range of finishes in the form of wall panels and 3D wall panels. Our panels are designed keeping in mind the need of modern home decoration. You can check out our customisations page to know more about the process or get in touch with us on WhatsApp to discuss about your project.

Q 23) What are the different types of products available on your site?

We at Evolve India manufacture liquid metal, decorative concrete and corten steel finishes. You can get these in the form of ready to install decorative wall panels, decorative door skins, designer wall art, metal and concrete wall sculptures, table decor and wall texture material kits. To know more about the products, you can request for an e-catalogue or visit our showroom by clicking here.

Q 24) By when will I receive the ordered products?

For Decor Products It generally takes us 7 to 10 days for shipping the interior design products you have ordered. Once shipped, you should receive your order within 3 to 4 days. In case of COVID-19 restrictions, it might take a longer time to deliver your order. We will inform the same to you via email. For Interior Products It generally takes us 3 to 4 weeks for manufacturing and shipping the ready to install panels and decorative door skins while the material kits and other loose interior design products are generally shipped with 7 to 10 days.

Q 25) How do I return an item purchased on Evolve India?

All our products from our online store are non-returnable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable. There are certain situations where partial or full refunds are granted (if applicable). Read our Return Policy and Refunds Policy for the online store further details.