What Is Liquid Metal Finishing? 

Liquid metal finishing is a process where real metal is sprayed on any base substrate at an ambient temperature, forming a thin metal layer of 1mm to 2mm. This green technology enables one to create textures in metal like never before. Depending on the design, the thickness of the metal layer can go up to 6mm and can be applied to flat as well as curved surfaces.

The Art

This innovation has enabled architects and interior designers alike to create and curate one of a kind metal designs for their clients, thus adding to the wow factor of any project. Unlike conventional metal sheets, where adding textures is inconvenient, this patented process enables texturing of metal in its liquid state, thus providing you with a wide range of application areas as per your liking to design and experiment with.

The Technology

Evolve’s liquid metal finishes are manufactured using a water-based technology, making them sustainable and user-friendly. The finishes are sealed with protective coatings which make them water-resistant, fire-resistant and scratch-resistant. They have the possibility of seamless applications and have superior cleanability. The liquid metal finishes are also non-hazardous, crack-resistant and have high flexural strength. One can also apply them onto curves and corners at ease using regular finishing tools. To know more about these finishes, click here.

 The Vast Range Of Possibilities Of Designing With Liquid Metal




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Liquid Metal Textures

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