Foolproof Ways To Achieve A Seamlessly Textured Concrete Wall

Wallpapers and paints for decades have been the ‘go-to’ option to help elevate the look of an interior space. However, if you’re looking to break free from this conventional pattern you can find an innovative and easy solution in creating seamless textured walls using our decorative concrete finishes. These not only eliminate the monotony of bare walls by instantly bringing them to life, but also are a convenient way to ensure durability and consistent charm over a long period of time, thus having an edge over paints and wallpapers! 

To help you achieve a seamless concrete textured wall efficiently and effectively, given below are 4 easy to follow steps along with helpful insider tips and tricks to make sure that your walls turn out to be long lasting and seamless. Read along!

4 Easy Breezy Steps To Achieve A Seamless Concrete Textured Wall

It’s time to expand the scope and perception of concrete as being just a “construction material” to being an amazing finishing material that can be used across interior and exterior spaces. What’s the best part about designing with concrete? You literally don’t have to ”wreck your backs” over one project, thanks to how light these concrete finishes are! It’s also now possible for you to stray away from the mundane grey tones often associated with concrete, because our finishes can be customised to a colour of your desired choice, thus helping you bring your imagination to life! So, how do you create one such wall? Let’s find out.

Step 1 

Apply a coat of any local water-based primer on the wall with a spray gun, brush or roller. While doing this, make sure to cover the whole base substrate so that no undulations occur when you are applying the concrete finish.

Steps To Achieve A Seamless Concrete Textured Wall

Step 2 

Once the primer has completely dried up, apply the decorative concrete finish evenly on to the surface. While applying this, you can again use a trowel, brush, roller or any other texturing tool that suits your purpose. 

Steps To Achieve A Seamless Concrete Textured Wall

Step 3

After the suitable curing time, moisten the dried up surface and apply another coat of concrete on which you can then create textures as per your choice. For this too, you can use a trowel, a roller or a brush to help you achieve the texture you’re looking for. 

Steps To Achieve A Seamless Concrete Textured Wall

Step 4

Once your textured concrete wall has dried up, seal it with a protective coat to ensure durability and to prevent it from any damage.

Steps To Achieve A Seamless Concrete Textured Wall

Voila! You have a stunning, seamless concrete textured wall ready within the shortest possible time!

How To Avoid Cracks And Ensure A Foolproof and Seamless Wall? 

Looking to achieve a textured concrete wall without any cracks and faults? Here are a few suggestions that can help you achieve a foolproof, seamless wall that exudes a ‘one-of-a-kind’ look: 

  • Use proper finishing techniques and maintain regular time intervals during and between finishing and other operations. Flat floating and flat trowelling are often recommended by experts as well. 
  • You must allow at least a month of curation period for your concrete surface to take its proper form, which can then make it long lasting. 

A Fun Fact: Since textured concrete finishes are elastomeric in nature, they have the ability to automatically absorb minor cracks, therefore already being a step ahead in helping you achieve a foolproof and seamless wall. Additionally, they also ensure zero undulations and in fact, free you from worrying about cracks and fissures. 

Till the present day, people tend to limit the use of concrete mostly to exterior surfaces owing to its crude, raw look. But with the advent of decorative concrete finishes in the market, you can not only design seamless walls for both, interiors and exteriors, but can also expand its potential to fabricate furniture and home decor pieces that can effortlessly add an elegant charm to your spaces! 

Are you looking forward to achieving a seamless concrete textured wall in your upcoming projects or in your home? Here are a few resources that we think can help you.

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  • Want to embark on this new journey right away? Check out our pre-textured Calce Lime concrete material kits that help you create seamlessly textured concrete walls absolutely hassle-free.

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