Make Your Walls Stand Out With Evolve’s 3D Wall Panels

Accent walls are a classic choice that never go out of style. Trends have been changing with time as to how to make a wall stand out – textured painting, murals, exposed brick, and wallpaper being some of the most used methods/styles amongst them. But, there exists a natural and eco-friendly alternative that can be used anywhere (from the bedroom to the bathroom) and in any project (from residential to commercial) – 3D wall panels!

Exclusively designed panels bring your walls to life. They take accent walls to the next level by making them the centre of attention in any room. The intricate details that build up the designs quite literally reach out to you. These panels go with personal as well as professional settings. Moreover, the most significant advantage of these panels is that they incorporate amazing visual effects in an otherwise dull interior.

Our 3D wall panels exhibit the perfect mix of creative designs with attractive metal and concrete finishes. They add a new dimension and artistic element to walls that compliment just about any room and decor. At Evolve, we manufacture ready-to-install wall panels with decorative concrete and liquid metal finishes to bring back the lost beauty and elegance of traditional walls.

Image of bedroom wall designed using liquid metal finished 3D wall panel by Evolve India
Bedroom wall designed using Cobweb Rust wall panel

Tips To Make Creative Use Of Our 3D Wall Panels

 The best part of our 3D wall panels is that they are flexible enough to be used in different projects to highlight the walls in a unique way. Ranging from classy contemporary designs to elegant antique details, these wall panels are a perfect fit for any and every designing theme. Here are a few ideas on how to use our wall panels in various projects.

Residential Projects

There is no lack of inspiration and ideas when it comes to using our wall panels in your apartments, bungalows or villas. You can use them to create interesting interior spaces like:

  • Eye-catching TV or sofa backdrops in your drawing space that are a sure shot conversation starter
  • Statement walls in your living room or bedroom to give it a personalised touch
  • Highlight the entrance or walls of a powder room and give it an oomph factor
  • Design extraordinary villa facades that draw the attention of onlookers
Image of living room wall designed using liquid metal finished 3D wall panel by Evolve India
Living room wall designed using Hexagon Bronze 3D wall panels

Hospitality Projects

Clients have often praised out designer panels for their alluring designs and rustic beauty. These interior designing products are an ideal choice for making a space feel comfortable and luxurious at the same time. Here’s how you can use these panels to make your properties worth remembering:

  • Accentuate the reception backdrop with artistic 3D panels to garner attention from your guests
  • Design a relaxing lobby area that makes for a great photoshoot area
  • Spruce up your hotel suites by using them unconventionally as a piece of wall art
  • Create a striking ambience with 3D bars that are sure to grab attention
Image of reception backdrop designed using liquid metal finished 3D wall panel by Evolve India
Reception backdrop for Taj Bangalore designed using Floral Copper Verdigris panels

Commercial Projects

Our ready-to-install wall panels are a perfect fit for upgrading a professional setting. Mute toned 3D panels are a great choice across commercial interiors, below are options on how one can incorporate them in projects: 

  • Enhance your entrances with the intricately designed panels and grab the attention at the first look
  • Create statement boardroom interiors by adding in an elegant touch
  • Transform your dull office interiors into a cheerful one by playing with the depth and look of these panels
  • Revamp your office canteen by blending in a light and playful energy with the 3D panels
Image of lobby wall designed using liquid metal finished 3D wall panel by Evolve India
Lobby designed using Floral Copper Patina finished 3D wall panels

How Are The Ready-To-Install Wall Panels Ideal For Making Your Walls Attractive?

 Easy Installation

Our wall panels come as ready to install and make creating striking walls as easy as it can be. Sized at 8 feet by 4 feet with a thickness of 12mm to 16mm, the panels are sturdy for interiors and exteriors. Any experienced contractor can install these panels using laminate adhesives.


When it comes to creating long-lasting classic walls, nothing beats our panels with exposed concrete finishes. Apart from being made of high-quality materials, our panels are resistant to water, fire, and scratch. Besides, they can withstand any weather conditions to make your walls continue to be the focal point.


What sets our 3D wall panels apart is that they are manufactured using a highly advanced water-based technology that makes our panels a friend to our natural environment. It also makes the panels highly sustainable and long-lasting, thus saving you the refurbishment cost every few years.

Image of bedroom wall designed using liquid metal finished 3D wall panel by Evolve India
Bedroom headboard designed using Cadbury Brass finished 3D wall panel

We have a vast collection of distinctively designed and aesthetically appealing 3D wall panels that go with any decor and style. From beautiful finishes of cobweb rust and floral copper patina to modern minimalist finishes of flat square gunmetal and grooves iron, you’re bound to find one that you would love entirely. You can check out our collection of 3D wall panels here.

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