Contemporary Seamless Concrete Finishes For Interiors And Exteriors

When allowed to design the interiors and exteriors of a property fully, most often people would opt for conventional materials. These materials would mostly be paints, stainless steel panels and wallpapers when it comes to decorating the walls. While there’s nothing wrong with choosing traditional means to adorn the walls, the time has changed along with popular trends. These changing times bring you a user-friendly alternative that is ideal for all types of projects – seamless concrete finishes. Given below are a few ways in which you can use these concrete texture finishes and what marks them apart from other surface designing products.

Design Seamless Villa Exteriors And Compound Walls With Porcelain Misty Concrete Texture Finish

An image showing a villa exterior designed using decorative concrete finishes Image of a villa exterior designed using Porcelain Misty concrete finish

The decorative concrete coatings make it possible for you to execute eye-catching seamless concrete texture finishes on building exteriors that complement just about any decor and style. Be it residentialhospitalitycommercial, or corporate buildings; our Porcelain Misty finish is a great choice for achieving a contemporary look that instantly draws people’s attention. The decorative concrete finishes also protect the walls from daily wear and tear while withstanding every seasonal change without changing its colour and texture.

While property owners are mostly concerned with the main property, the compound walls end up being neglected and ultimately stereotypically painted or covered. The seamless concrete Porcelain Misty texture can come to the rescue, in this case, to achieve creatively designed compound walls. Using these finishes, you can create concrete textured walls that are long-lasting and durable. Besides, you can also cut out the high maintenance and refurbishing costs which otherwise becomes necessary when you design your surfaces using the commonly used materials.

Create Eye-Catching Accent Walls With Ink Drip Concrete Texture Finish

Villa property owners are tapping into the raw beauty and vintage charm of textured concrete finishes that are easy on the eye. For such spaces, the Ink Drip finish gives off a peaceful and welcoming vibe to create the perfect spot for people to make unforgettable memories with your closed ones. The thickness of the concrete texture achieved using these finishes generally varies between 1 mm to 3 mm only. Thus, you can not only get a seamless look but also a finesse and subtlety that is hard to achieve using other surface designing materials. Moreover, any applicator, contractor or painter can easily use the seamless concrete coatings to design one-of-a-kind walls that call for attention.

Add A Soothing Yet Bold Touch To Your Bedrooms With Travertino Finish

Lobby walls to living room walls to bedroom walls – the Travertino seamless concrete texture is an ideal choice to magnify the beauty of your interior spaces. Be it creating bold textures in subtle colours or vice versa, the textured concrete finishes allow you to achieve every design you have in mind at ease. The calm and soothing vibe of concrete also helps you create a serene space that feels warm and welcoming to every person walking in. Plus, they also look elegant and classy! With these finishes, the walls, often the most neglected part of a property, can be the one thing to gain people’s attention and appreciation.

Concrete, for long, has been used only in a few limited and neglected ways. But with the emergence of the innovative concrete finishes in the market, designers have transformed it into an aesthetic designing element. Whether you are designing an industrial space or a contemporary home, the concrete texture finishes can be an ideal choice to make your spaces distinctive and impactful.

If you would like to design using our seamless concrete texture finishes and want to know more about them, click on the button below to get our e-catalogue.

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