Playing With Liquid Metal Finishes

Liquid metal finishes are functional in their design and add a distinctive element to any decor. Besides, metals have a classy and timeless approach. Today, many interior designers and architects are increasingly opting for metal finishes at the heart of their decor.  Manufactured using real metal, liquid metal coatings are sprayed on any substrate to achieve the authentic look and feel of organic metal. This process makes it extremely easy to work with metal, beyond its conventional limitations. 

The finishes are more versatile than they appear thus opening them up to limitless applications. From beautiful wall panels to unique door skins and even distinctive artefacts, you can design absolutely anything using these wall finishing materials. They blend beauty and style with function and form. Designers are also opting for liquid metal coating when it comes to achieving statement metal furniture pieces and metal decor.

Image of living room space designed using liquid metal wall finishing materials
Brass and Gunmetal finished accent walls

Why Should You Choose Evolve’s Liquid Metal Finishes?

  • Manufactured using a water base, these wall finishing materials are 100% green
  • These coatings can last a lifetime if the base substrate does not give away, making them a sustainable solution
  • The textures achieved by our coatings are impossible to replicate by traditional fabrication means, making them unique 
  • Owing to a 2mm thickness of metal, on a base substrate of your choice, the final product is lightweight when compared to a metal cast product. 
Depiction of a bedroom headboard designed using liquid gun metal wall finishing materials
Bedroom headboard designed using liquid gun metal wall panels

What metal finishes does Evolve India offer?

Evolve India offers a wide range of real metal wall finishing materials – brass, bronze, copper iron, aluminium and gunmetal. We also offer patina finishes like rust, copper patina, brass patina and bronze patina. 

Brass is an excellent choice for intricate metal designs and makes for beautiful door skins. While the soft golden hue of bronze is ideal for sculptures and artistic furniture. Copper brings a warm and welcoming vibe to any interior space while adding a glow of sophistication. Rust is perfect for executing an antique facade. Iron is best for outdoor furniture and the sleek appearance of gunmetal makes for super metallic accents. Here are some projects done using liquid metal finishes.

Where Can Liquid Metal Finishes Be Used?

Depiction of a TV backdrop created using liquid metal finished wall panels
TV backdrop designed using liquid metal panels

To Create Metal Feature Walls

It’s very easy to design using our liquid metal finishes because we supply them as panels which are ready to install. Their functionality is just like laminates and veneers. You can cut a sheet to your desired dimensions and install them on the walls using an adhesive. It is now hasslefree to create stunning metallic accent walls across lobby’s, living rooms, and restaurants. These metal veneers can also be used as dividers or artwork to enhance commercial spaces. For instance, they can be used as stylish highlighter panels across conference room walls and reception backdrops.

Image of bar table designed using liquid metal finishes
Bar table designed by Red Architects using liquid metal brass panels

To Design Metal Accent Furniture Pieces

You can also design statement furniture pieces using these metallic wall finishing materials. With liquid metal coatings you can now have lightweight metal coffee tables, metallic shutters as well as rustic chairs. The pieces can be factory finished, or cladded using our metal veneer like panels. Since our products are extremely versatile, they can also be used to accomplish breathtaking 3D surfaces. From chairs and coffee tables to side tables and closets, the applications are endless! 

Depiction of an entrance door designed using liquid metal brass door skin
Entryway designed using liquid metal brass door skin

To Construct Unique Metal Entrance Doors

Evolve India’s exclusive collection of liquid metal coatings can also be used to design magnificent entryways. You can spray our finishes directly on to a base of your choice or clad them with our designer door skins. Be it designing a door for vintage themed interiors or one for a contemporary home, with these liquid metal finishes you can do it all at ease. The best part about designing with these finishes is the minimum thickness of these coatings. 

Image of a home decor piece finished using liquid iron or rust
Buddha statue finished using liquid rust

To Fabricate Bespoke Metal Artefacts

Artefacts can be the center of attention in a room. With liquid metal finishes, you can now create bespoke metal wall arts and home decor pieces to complement your interiors. You can even fabricate metal sculptures that are unbelievably lightweight and easily mountable. We have worked on creating several such metal statues using our coatings. You can check out our range of metal finished decor pieces here.

Evolve India supplies its liquid metal finishes in the form of ready to install panels and door skins that are only 4mm to 12mm thick and can be installed easily. These finished products are great for interior and exterior use and can also be used just like laminates on cabinet shutters, closets, and tabletops.


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