Play With Concrete Finishes For Your Exterior Projects

Concrete exterior finishes have the potential to be the most striking feature of any building. They offer great versatility as a building material. The bold industrial appeal and the sheer simplicity of a concrete texture, makes it one of the most widely applied finishes in the design industry, especially for residential and commercial projects. It is a durable finish, revered by architects, interior designers and homeowners alike. Textured concrete finishes offer realistic and economical application options. Given below are a few ways in which we can use new-age concrete finishes to design our properties.

Concrete facades

Nothing says ‘classy’ better than a simple earthy grey concrete façade. Whether it is an exposed aggregate finish or a vibrant travertine finish, the concrete effect is a lasting one. Evolve’s range of decorative textured concrete finishes are breathable, making them anti-moisture absorbent. The cured concrete finishes are a great addition to have, especially for villa owners in hilly regions. They keep the walls from absorbing moisture content, keeping modern homes smelling fresh and welcoming. With a thickness requirement of just 1mm to 2mm, the cured concrete finishes are a great option for all high volume exterior projects in India. Owing to their natural durability concrete finishes are a popular surface choice across cities like Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia and Hongkong.

Depiction of concrete finished exteriors

Image of concrete finished exterior walls

Pigmented concrete finishes

Not everything is about classy blacks or dark greys but sometimes adding a little more flamboyance can work wonders for your facade. For those who dare to dream in colour, the good news is that the same concrete look can also be achieved in a handful of colours like blue, brown, red or any other colour that you wish. Pigmented concrete finishes can also be used for exterior flooring to add an extra dimension to your villa and hospitality projects. Coloured concrete finishes are also popularly used in brick textures for creating raw modern exteriors. Besides the brick texture, the troweled finish and the broom finish also work great for adding a character coloured concrete walls. 

Textured concrete finish facade developed by Evolve India

Textured concrete finish by Evolve India for Kanakia Spaces


Concrete finished accent walls

A concrete texture finish works very well as a beautiful and pronounced outdoor accent wall. It can blend in with any type of architecture and yet manage to add a lot of character to the overall feel of spaces. Juxtaposed with some simple modern furniture, it can be a great addition to your patio or verandah. The troweled finish and broom finish concrete textures are most suited for exterior accent walls, complimenting the flatness of paint.  While a marble texture concrete finish can add to the raw industrial look of any interior project. Evolve India’s concrete finishes are manufactured using high-quality materials and are applicable across interiors and exteriors.  \You can take a look at all our concrete projects here.

A bedroom wall finished using concrete finishes

Image of a concrete finished bedroom wall


Rust concrete finish

Rust concrete finish might just be the facelift you were looking for your villa exterior or hotel lobby. Eye-catchy and charming, it never fails to make a bold architectural statement. Corten Steel finishes are a go-to for many interior designers for the earthiness and contrast that it brings to otherwise monotone interiors. Check out this beautiful bungalow finished using rust concrete finish to get a better idea of the elegance it adds.

The facade of a house finished using rust concrete finish

A bungalow in Mumbai designed using rust finish designed by Sanjay Puri Architects


Concrete finishes on name plates

A nameplate outside your villa or hotel is meant to stand out and muster all the attention it can. Perhaps the most eloquent and artistic way of doing this is by using concrete finished signages. Not only does it go easy on the eye, but also changes the vibe of the space. Decorative concrete finishes can also be used on furniture pieces as well as planters for exterior spaces in bungalows, hotels and boutique hotels. You can also achieve a distinctive look for your signages by staining concrete with a colour that complements the exteriors of your property.

Depiction of concrete finished name board

Rust concrete finished name board


Concrete finished gates and compound walls

Not limited to walls or ceilings, concrete finishes can also be used in a slatted form to design your compound wall. Another great area to use concrete finishes is on the entrance gates, of building, villas or resorts, to give a muted but yet distinct look to your entrance. You can also create unique gates or compound walls by staining concrete in order to match the colour with the exteriors of your building, villa or resort.

Textured concrete finished entryway for a private residence

Textured concrete finish by Evolve India for a private villa entrance in Pune by Chandrashekhar Kanetkar


Concrete Flooring For Porch

Concrete floors look modern and fresh while being durable at the same time. These floors are usually polished to avoid the accumulation of dirt and also to avoid cracking. While the fact that concrete floors are often slippery cannot be denied, there are also ways to make a slip resistant concrete floor. The present market hosts a wide range of non-slip epoxy coatings which can help you texture your floor while letting you create slip resistant concrete floors. Again, if you want your porch to be out-of-the-box, you can use pigmented concrete coatings to match your designing theme.

Front porch designed using decorative concrete finish

Image Source: Pinterest


Concrete Finished Door Skins

A stellar entrance is a great way to make an everlasting impression on your guests. More often than not, we see the interiors grandly designed and decorated while the doors are left out. So, an ideal way to complete the look of your properties is by using door skins. Fabricating your doors with polished concrete door skins can give your entryway a subtle yet maximising look, thus grabbing the attention of every person walking in. Besides, given the durability of polished concrete, you can also be sure that you do not have to refurbish them every few years, nor do they have high maintenance.

Designer door skin designed using concrete finishes

Concrete finished door skin by Evolve India


Concrete Finished Patio Furniture

Choosing the right patio furniture calls for investing a lot of thought. Since they are exposed to the different weather conditions all through the year, they wear out sooner than other furniture pieces. But, with concrete coatings, you can now design your own furniture piece that will be long-lasting and can add to the beauty of your spaces like no other piece. Moreover, these furniture pieces can also be extremely lightweight depending on your choice of the base material. You can also fabricate your existing furniture piece using these coatings and give it a seamless new look that can uplift the aesthetics of your patio. In such cases, the exposed aggregate finish is a great choice since it adds the rugged yet subtle look to your furniture pieces.

Alt Tag: Patio furniture designed using decorative concrete finish

Image Source: Pinterest

The possibilities and applications of a concrete finish are limitless and as fluid as our imagination can make it be. Whether it is used for building exteriors to create a seamless finish or villa exteriors for a vibrant look. Moreover, its look can be tweaked by the use of certain materials, colours and techniques, to create a lasting impression.

Evolve Interiors and Exteriors Solutions manufacture decorative concrete finishes and liquid metal finishes. The finishes are applicable to interior exterior, and curved areas. The finishes are supplied in ready to install wall panel as well as do-it-yourself material kits form.


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