How Can I Learn The Art of Surface Design?

There are various approaches to surface design, a few of them are to create art organically and then associate it to a product’s surface or create a specific design as per the products. Whichever option it may be, you need to choose what resonates with you. Through this article, we will look into such questions on how can one learn the art of Surface Design with ease? What are the best online courses for designers? How can you go beyond textile and ceramics towards newer building materials and much more…

Why learn Surface Design?

How Can I Learn The Art of Surface Design?
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Surface design is all about creating and applying artworks to printable or physical products, it encompasses various methods like colouring, patterning, texturing and structuring. It involves diverse creative processes like painting, stitching, quilting, felting, knitting, papermaking and much more. You can use this for both functional and non-functional items; like baskets, wall quilts, stitched art, installations, artefacts, etc. 

Surface design also involves textured finishes using concrete and liquid metal to create an aesthetic surface decor that can elevate your interior or exterior spaces. This is also a conscious method of retaining the lineage of the artist community, where mass fabrication has taken over the market. Here in surface design, your in-hand skills and creativity take the spotlight. 

Home decoration design & the art of Surface Design

How Can I Learn The Art of Surface Design?
Image Source: Evolve India

A product designer or a furniture maker’s job is to create a functional set-up for a piece. Now, the piece that is created needs certain patterns, textures or fabrication to peak interest. The art of surface design is what adds that interest to an element. 

Similarly, in an all-white room, you can fill in various elements like artefacts, furniture, lights, etc. But what tweaks the interest is a highlight or a feature wall. These walls act as the centre spotlight that adds life to a space; they define the atmosphere in it. 

In the new age, many interior designers, as well as interior stylists, are opting to take an unconventional route by choosing surface design for their design projects. The art of using textures to create a habitable and pleasant space is on the top of every homeowner’s list. 

The scope for this market is large, due to the increased informed clientele that needs their spaces to be unique. Surface design is also the best way to personalise spaces as per the client’s needs. There are many art and design courses in India that teach surface texture art to artists, furniture makers, contractors and painters. 

6 Tips before you kickstart your journey in Surface design 

Before you start your journey in surface design, here are a few tips and guidelines that will come in handy.

1. Give a detailed thought to it, before you start

How Can I Learn The Art of Surface Design?
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Every design goes through many alterations, but they all can be avoided or made minimal by detailing it out prior to its execution. Make sure that you’re creating ample sketches, rough drawings and scaled drawings to ideate your entire surface in detail.

Select specific products that have the potential to stand out amongst the audience. Where will it be used? How big is the product? Why would people want to invest in it? Where can it be used? How will the owner interact with this product?

Ask these questions to ensure that your designs are detailed and well-researched. 

2. Find the best online courses for designers

Digitalization has helped to narrow the globe and make learning more accessible. The recent trend of online courses in design is the most efficient way to learn a skill profoundly and to gain expertise in it. 

Make sure that you’re taking up ample courses and study material before you kickstart your journey as a surface designer. Various certifications and internships can help you in broadening your exposure. To know more, click here

3. Be it surface texture art or metal texture art, keep exploring

How Can I Learn The Art of Surface Design?
Image Source: Evolve India

In recent times, several explorative materials like concrete, rust, metal, etc are amplifying the surface design market. These building materials are also creating a sustainable niche for surface design through textures, wall finishes and art; truly there is no one way of being a surface designer. 

4. Say no to scaling up

How Can I Learn The Art of Surface Design?
Image Source: Connections by Finsa

Start with a detailed pixel dimension in the proper scale which you wish to execute. The idea here is that you can always downsize your design which won’t create any issue. However, make sure that you are not scaling up any of your designs as they will lead to poor quality of the product. 

For example, a design on a mug would not look good on an entire bedsheet, you need to be precise about your product’s surface design right from the start. 

5. Understand the creative asset ratios 

How Can I Learn The Art of Surface Design?
Image Source: Connections by Finsa

Surfaces might seem like a small area to handle, however, the smallest of elements have the most details. 

The asset ratios created initially will ensure the multiplicity of your product or surface in various scales. If you are pre-planned with various sets of asset ratios, then you can successfully use a mug’s surface design to a bedsheet. In this, the ratio is similar but the product creative will keep varying. Some common asset ratios are square, portrait, landscape, transparent PNG and much more.

6. It’s all about having fun

How Can I Learn The Art of Surface Design?
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Although surface design might seem like a daunting task from the outside, it is also one of the most fun and creative tasks to take on. Being an artist, it’s important to keep your mind free to ideate products that intrigue a user. The art of surface design allows that sense of freedom since they use multiple materials, finishes and techniques in achieving an end product. 

How Do I Get Started in Surface Design? 

How Can I Learn The Art of Surface Design?
Image Source: Evolve India

The thought of making a living through art and design sounds exciting, but you are caught up on where to start?

Well, do you love creating art regularly? Yes? Great!

So the first step would be to expertise your armoury and in this case, your skillset. Without prior know-how, it can be seemingly tough to develop your niche in surface design, so the best way is through surface design courses. These surface design courses have many subject matter experts who can help you develop your career in the right direction. 

The next step can be to start building your portfolio as a testimonial of your creativity. This will help your direct customers understand your niche distinctively. Apart from this, there are several other steps like marketing, pitching and sales that go into establishing yourself as a successful surface designer. 

All this might seem like a lot, but designing to make a living can be the most fulfilling way of leading your career path.

Evolve India has two new-age surface design courses that will help you learn the art of texture finishes at your pace, on your time, right from the comfort of your homes. Check out these courses here

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