How To Fabricate Metal Decor Pieces With Liquid Metal

Are you a designer looking to create a lightweight, glossy metal art piece? Or, are you a manufacturer interested in experimenting with metal in order to create exquisite metal decor pieces? Then you’re going to love our Metal Lust liquid metal kits.

In this blog, we’ll show you how to make a lightweight copper metal mural using liquid metal and no metal welding or moulding.

Client Brief

The client requested a copper mural having religious symbolism in a pre-designed shape. Because the mural was for a project in Nepal, it needed to be lightweight to save up on logistics and installation costs.

A brief that the client had given us about the customized wall art

Here’s how we designed for the specification:

  1. We used a CNC machine to make the design and ensure that the dimensions and scale were accurate. Because the mural will be displayed in the interiors, we used MDF as the base substrate. For an exterior application, we recommend using WPC as the base substrate.
  2. The base substrate was then sanded to achieve evenness before being primed with a water-based primer. The primer aids the adherence of the liquid metal material to the base substrate. As a result, the real metal coating will last longer.
  3.  Using a spray gun, we sprayed the liquid metal copper material on to the decor item. Once we achieved a uniform coating of 1mm thickness, we let the coating dry for a minimum of four hours.
  4. To bring out the lustre of real metal, we sanded and polished the piece using various grit sanding papers until the shine was to the client’s desire.
  5. After polishing, we applied the top coat to give the metal coating a protective layer. The metal surface will be more durable and have a longer lifespan as a result of this. 

Because the metal lust kits are composed of ninety-nine percent metal, we were able to create a pure metal finish decor piece that would give you the look and feel of real metal. 

Idea and final look of the customized metal wall art
Closeup of the customized metal wall art

With the Metal Lust Liquid Metal Kits, one can give any interior or exterior surface like walls, furniture or decor pieces a real metal uplift. Think of it as flexible metal veneers that are applied just like paint. 

Check out this Liquid Metal Masterclass to learn how to make different textures using metal lust material kits. If you have a project that requires liquid metal finishing and would like us to take care of it, please contact us via WhatsApp or via email at

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