A Beginner’s Guide To Liquid Metal Coatings

Liquid Metal coatings are a new age alternative to using metal in your interior and exterior spaces. Gone are the days where texturing was not possible on metal and the only way to get a metal decor piece was by casting it. 

What are Liquid Metal Coatings?

Liquid metal coatings are real metal coatings manufactured using a sprayable technology at ambient temperatures. Using this technology, metal is coated onto a substrate in a thin layer, giving it the look and feel of real metal but it is just 2mm in thickness. Furthermore, this 100% green technology has made metal applicable on flat, curved and 3D surfaces. The coatings can be textured as these are sprayable coatings. Thus, you can play with various metals and create unique textured designs. The only limitation now is your imagination.

How can they be applied?

You can apply liquid metal coatings to absolutely any substrate. They bond with the substrate to create a thin layer of metal on the top. You can think of it as metal veneers. So instead of using a 6mm metal sheet, you are now using a base substrate of 4mm with a 2mm liquid metal coating on to it. 

One can apply liquid metal finishes to wood, MDF, ACP, stainless steel, WPC, OSD, fibre, fabric, leather, glass, concrete etc. The key is using the right product as we manufacture each product using proprietary ingredients and therefore bound to give different aesthetic outputs. We at Evolve use a water-based technology that has no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Thus, our finishes are sustainable, non-toxic and odour free. 

Can we use liquid metal coatings for exterior applications?

Yes, our liquid metal coatings can be used across interiors and exteriors. They are suitable for climate conditions ranging from 60-degree Celsius to minus 40-degree celsius. However, we do advise using only a few of the metal finishes on the exteriors. This is primarily because pure metals like iron, brass, bronze and copper oxidise on exposure to the sun and air.  Whereas oxidised versions of the above metals are great for exteriors. As they do not undergo any colour change, once sealed with a protective coating. These oxidised finishes are also known as patinas. Further to the patinas, one can also use aluminium and gunmetal finishes on the exteriors, as they do not change colour on exposure to the UV rays. 

How does one use them on the exteriors?

You can apply liquid metal finishes either directly to the wall, it can also be applied to the cladding substrate which is then cladded onto any facade materials. This would entirely depend on the architect and the engineering team on how they have visualised the exteriors. We also work with the design team to give them the best possible solution for exterior applications. Liquid metal ACP panels are a great and easy way to have metal finished exteriors.

What is the thickness of liquid metal coatings?

Liquid metal coatings’ thickness depends on the design choice. Some designs require a 2mm thickness, while some others may require 6mm coating thickness. The thickness is directly correlated to the kind of look one is going for. You can check out some of our finishes on our Pinterest boards to get an idea of the kinds of looks that can be achieved. Like I said earlier, there is no limitation to the designs you can create.

What is the durability of liquid metal coatings?

Liquid metal coatings’ are highly durable metal finishes. One can say that they will last a lifetime if the surface they are applied on is chosen wisely. So choose a quality surface, and the liquid metal layer on it will stay until the base substrate cracks. We at Evolve provide a 7-year warranty on our finishes for any manufacturing defects. Keep in mind, these are decorative coatings that are just 2mm to 6mm thin. For further strength and durability, stronger protective coatings are advised.

What areas can liquid metal coatings be applied to?

Liquid metal coatings can be applied to an array of areas like under:

  • Walls 

Create an accent wall in living rooms, powder rooms and bedrooms. Or use them as exterior finishes to bring to focus your architecture. Check out our project page to see some cool interiors designed using liquid metal finishes.

  • Lobby Area

Liquid metal finishes are great to highlight lobby areas, public areas and even play areas across hospitality and commercial projects.

  • Ceilings

A great way to make a statement is by adding an x-factor to your ceiling with liquid metal finishes.

  • Kitchen

You can use liquid metal finishes on the kitchen table top as well as the backsplash. Ensure you get the right protective coating, so the finishes are safe from all the oil and heat.

  • Door

You can now also have lightweight metal doors using liquid metal coatings. You can select a wood to your preferred thickness and we can coat it in a texture metal finish or design of your choice. Thus, you have your very own custom entrance ready. We have a selection of designer door skins, you can check them out here.

  • Furniture

One of the best uses of liquid metal is furniture. It takes away from the time-consuming casting and moulding process and can turn an MDF furniture piece into metal finished furniture piece in no time. Think side tables, chairs, cabinets and shutters.

  • Decor Pieces

Decor piece manufacturers can now finish their sculptures, wall arts, murals with liquid metal. They can use a base that is lightweight, making the piece easy to ship and install. 

What kind of metals are available in liquid metal coatings?

We at Evolve offer 9 different metal finishes namely: brass, bronze, copper, aluminium, iron, gunmetal and their patinas. We do not offer any gold leafing or silver leafing, and currently do not have nickel, titanium or rose gold finishes either.

How are liquid metal coatings different from other metal surface options?

Currently, the available options are metal sheets and metallic paints. The primary difference would be the design options available and the aesthetics offered. Followed by the composition, and application. Liquid metal coatings offer a very high degree of customizability that is not possible with metal sheets or metallic paints. We have done a detailed blog on how to decide when to choose liquid metal and when to choose metallic paints. 

How sustainable are liquid metal coatings?

We manufacture liquid metal finishes using a 100% Green Technology. This means all our ingredients are VOC free and the coatings are manufactured in an aqueous base. VOCs are carcinogenic compounds that are toxic to the environment and the user. Our finishes are odour free, non-toxic and non-hazardous. Making them easy to ship and the preferred material choice for LEED-certified projects. 

How do we apply these coatings?

You can avail these coatings in standard panel forms, which can be installed like they were metal veneers. Cut to the required shape and dimension, and they are good to go for walls and furniture pieces. If you are currently looking for panels for your project, you can check out our range here.

If you are looking to coat curved objects or are looking for seamless solutions, the most economical and fail-proof way is to get the base substrate coated in the factory. 

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