Renovate Your Walls In One Day Using DIY Wall Panels!

Ever heard of the seven year itch? It’s true for homes too! The walls of the house are first to show signs that the space is due for an upgrade. And one of the most effective ways to renovate your walls is by using DIY wall panels. In today’s age, one can find all kinds of panels that can be installed by oneself. Be it a 3D wall panel, french wall panel or a wooden panel. 

Depiction of a living room wall backdrop designed with liquid metal DIY wall panels
Living room wall designed using liquid metal DIY wall panels

Why Are Our Decorative Wall Panels The Ideal Solution For A Home Makeover?

Whether you are looking for a DIY TV wall panel or a DIY shower wall panel, here at Evolve you are sure to find a design to suit every need. With our expertise in special finishes, our wall panels are known for their unique designs and ease of installation.

One of our clients who used our wall panels to create a DIY accent wall in their living room, said they installed our product in a record time of thirty minutes! Not bad timing for an instant upgrade, right?

So what you get with our DIY panels is great quality, quick application and an easy installation process. We also provide you with a guide to go about installing the DIY panels. What’s more? Unlike the rest of the DIY panels in the market, you can customise the colour, texture and finish of the decorative wall panel, with no minimum quantity requirement.

We understand that everyone would like to add their own unique touch while renovation. And we help you achieve just that. 

Image depicting installation of wall panels

How To Make The Best Use Of Our Beautiful Wall Panels For A DIY Decoration?

Our selection of DIY wall panels will have you spoilt by choices. You may make your house an artistic hub with our 3D wall panels,  add a touch of elegance with our hand-textured wall panels, or opt for a minimalist approach with our abstract wall panels.

As far as application goes, you can use our DIY wall panels to create one of a kind feature walls or uniquely designed headboards. You can also blend the beauty of our finishes with the texture of the wood to develop attractive TV unit walls like in the picture given below. You can also use it in the washrooms to have a chic powder room, just like they used to in the traditional times. Be it finishing designer table tops, alluring artworks, or fascinating facades, the possibilities are endless.

Depiction of a TV unit backdrop designed with liquid metal DIY wall panels
TV unit backdrop designed using liquid metal DIY wall panels

All in all, our DIY wall panels are an excellent solution to makeover your walls, but also to renovate furniture and exteriors. So if you are looking to do a quick makeover, we assure you, with our panels, it will just be a day’s worth of work. Interested to know more about our range of wall panels? Get your hands on our e-catalogue by filling the form below.

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