Metal Work Made Easy With Liquid Metal Veneers

For many, the aesthetic of metal in interior design is powerfully enchanting, because it has the unmatched potential to create a luxurious aura in any space. But often there’s a hesitation to use these, due to the restrictions of usage that come with heavy metal sheets and castings. Achieving metal surfaces has been around for a long time. But creating textured metallic surfaces to suit your own design style is where the latest innovation in metal – Liquid Metal Veneers, steals the show. 

Wondering how? Let’s break it down. Firstly, liquid metal veneers are manufactured using real metals in a liquid form. You can simply spray them onto the desired base of your choice to easily achieve the rich look of metal. And secondly, since they are in a liquid form, you can achieve liquid metal veneers in innumerable variations of colours, textures and designs to meet your ever-changing interior styles. Continue reading to know how metal veneers can help you create ‘one-of-kind’ spaces full of personality and character. 

Designing Highlighter Walls and Doors Using Metals Made Easy 


Living room wall designed using liquid metal Copper finished panels

Achieving abstract, geometric and 3D designs in metal is something that liquid metal veneers has now given many of us the opportunity to explore with and add into our interior design themes. Want to add a rich metal feel to your bed backdrop? Not a problem. Want to add a stunning textured metal to a curved staircase wall? Not a problem once again. Wondering why? Because whether it’s a flat or a curved wall in an interior or exterior space, you can easily apply liquid metal veneers onto any base surface without worrying about its pre-existing size, form or shape. 

If you heard the phrase “adding a metallic touch to walls” your first thoughts would naturally lean towards metallic paints or metal sheets since these have been in the market for a long time. However, when it comes to liquid metal veneers, you can play around and create versatile textures and designs of your choice for a bespoke output. Unlike conventional metal sheets, which are hard to customise as per the needs of the projects, and metallic paints that tend to fade over time, the ability to produce textures in metal is what gives liquid metal veneers the upper hand over its alternatives. 

An image of living room walls designed using Copper Patina panels
Singer Shabab Sabri’s Living Room Accent Wall Designed Using Copper Patina Panels

Liquid metal veneers have vast application possibilities. So if you’re thinking of doing up a living room, powder room, or a bedroom, you can use these veneers to craft statement, highlighter walls across all these areas with absolute ease. There’s no doubt that metal doors look stunning. But why settle for the heavy and plain ones when you have the option of creating lightweight textured doors for an unmatched metal aesthetic using liquid metal veneers. 

They are also available in the form of prefabricated, textured panels. You can simply apply these panels onto the pre-existing base to help you achieve the same, in a time-saving manner. 

An image of Copper finished entrance door
Copper Finished Entrance Door Of A Commercial Office Space

Adding An Effortless Touch Of Luxury To Your Furniture 


If there’s one element that deserves attention to detail it’s the furniture pieces you choose to add in your spaces. Everyone loves to look at bold metal accent pieces since that’s what catches the eye in an instant. But as good as they may look, it’s often a challenge to move them around due to their heaviness, thus making them off-putting. But this is where Liquid Metal Veneers, once again come to the rescue. You would be surprised to know that even though they’re made of real metal, they are much lighter in weight. Thus, you can now easily fabricate furniture pieces that are agile, lightweight, and successfully pull off a royal metallic look. 

Image of liquid Gunmetal finished bar table
Liquid Gunmetal Finished Bar Table Of A Residence In Lonavala
An image of a counter fascia fabricated using Copper Patina finished panels
Counter Fascia Of A Bar Table In Rustomjee Elements’ Show-flat fabricated using Copper Patina finished panels

Whatever your interior theme might be, with liquid metal veneers you have the ability to create unique designs on asymmetrical furniture pieces to suit your style. If you’re doing a space that has a neutral colour palette, you can choose a striking bar table in a Gunmetal metal veneer to give the space a colour and texture contrast and make it stand out. Similarly, whether it’s a chair, a stool, a tabletop, or a coffee table you have in mind, you can use liquid metal veneers in a sprayable form or as ready to install liquid metal panels to fabricate luxurious metal furniture pieces, artworks, and decor accents. 

Image of liquid metal Brass finished side table
Liquid Metal Brass Finished Side Table
An image of liquid Gunmetal finished centre table
Liquid Gunmetal Finished Centre Table For Hyatt Regency

Metals like copper, iron, brass etc, have an inherent property of ageing. When these metals naturally oxidate, they age, and leave a patinated effect on the surface, which is commonly appreciated for its aesthetic. Think of the Statue of Liberty, that stunning green look it has, is the result of copper oxidation that has left behind a beautiful patina effect on the statue over 30 years or more. Since liquid metal veneer’s consist of real metals, you can not only get the authentic look and feel of real metal, but you can also control the oxidation level and choose a patina depth of your personal choice. This could be the most effortless value add if you have a vintage design theme in mind! 

Image of Copper Patina finished interior walls
Interiors Of Rustomjee Elements’ Show-flat Designed Using Copper Patina

With liquid metal veneers, you can truly redefine the usage of metal in interior design. And not to mention make your process more convenient. At Evolve India, we supply these finishes in the form of ready to install panels, door skins, decor products. If you would like to know more about these finishes or work with our product range, you can get our e-catalogue by filling in the form below.

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