What Are Rust Finishes?

Rust or Corten Steel, as most people refer to, is a popular finish for both interiors and exteriors. Evolve India’s paintable rust finishes use a technology that combines rust particles in an aqueous base, giving you real metal in a paintable form. This innovation has now made it possible for us to productise these finishes into a do-it-yourself material kit.

Rust finish wall with global map theme on bed back wall
Rust paint finish

The Art

The oxidation of Corten Steel sheets is a natural process that cannot be controlled, and the water that runs off from the weathered steel causes problems in the local aquatic environment. But with our paintable rust finishes, you can now control the patination to your desired shade, in an eco-friendly way. Using the layering technique, you can now have a burnt amber, bright orange or dark orange-brown shade of oxidized iron for your project. Click here to take a closer look at how you can use this new-age material.

The Technology

Our rust finishes are a single component formulation with real iron content. They can be easily applied to any base substrate to create an earthy patinated look. These finishes are scratch, crack, dust, and water-resistant. Due to the use of real iron in an aqueous base, our rust texture finishes are also non-toxic and highly sustainable. Besides, given its paintable form, they are applicator-friendly and can be applied using regular texturing tools.

Rust finish on balcony wall

The Vast Range of Possibilities of Designing with Paintable Rust

Rust finish wall for interiors


rust finish used on the exterior wall of the restaurant


rust finish used on the furniture


 Explore Our Ready To Use Instant Rust Finished Products

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Instant Rust Textures

Rust finish texture
Corten steel misty rust texture
Brushed ivory rust texture
Sandstone ivory
Rust finish texture
Corten steel coarse rust

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