Product Care


How To Clean And Care For Coated Decor and Furniture Pieces

General Care

The everyday care of finished surfaces depends largely on the type of coating applied. In general, they should not be cleaned with harsh cleaners or chemicals that tamper the surface finish. Use of sharp edged instruments and deliberate abrasion will cause permanent damage to the coating.  Surfaces designed using Pure Brass, Bronze and Copper are not advisable to be used in outdoor spaces as it may have UV oxidation and ageing effect over a period of time. Additionally, prevent direct contact with sunlight, water and moisture.

Other Important Points To Remember

  • Dusting

Use only a microfibre cloth, soft dry cloth or feather duster to clean the coated surfaces daily.

  • Extreme Temperature Changes

The expansion or contraction of the finish due to extreme temperature changes may cause damage to the surface coating. Care should be taken in an air conditioned or heated environment to keep the temperature fluctuations within reasonable limits. Use heat resistant placemats if hot food and beverages are to be placed over the finish to avoid damage by heat.

  • Spillages

All spillages should be cleaned with a damp cloth as soon as possible. Moisture may cause damage to the coating. High humidity, steam and excessive water contact with the coating may cause the coating to crack. However, if it gets under the coating, it causes white marks on the surface. Any oily substances, chemical substances and alcohol should be removed immediately if spilled on the surface.

  • Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight should be avoided on all interior finished surfaces as it might cause fading, bleaching or colour changes of the surface coating. Excessive sunshine may dry the surface more quickly than the veneer substrate thereby causing small surface cracks to appear and possibly damage the surface coating.