We design modern and minimal wall art pieces using a range of innovative surface finishes. Working with liquid metal, we can manufacture lightweight, corrosion-free metal and concrete artwork that can be textured to a design of your choice. You can also experiment with two or more metals, to create art pieces that will be unique to you.

Black Gold Spiral Burst Metal Wall Art


Dancing Lady Wall Art


Liberating Stallion Horse Wall Art


Gold medallion wall art


Using our sprayable technology, you can now design decor pieces in a base substrate of your choice, and have them coated with one of our special finishes to give it the look and feel of metal or concrete. Thanks to this technology, you will not be restricted by the limitations of metal sheets and concrete casting and can experiment with the materials on any shape or dimension.

Evolve India

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The Artistry Collection - Affordable Wall Art Pieces For A Timeless Interior

The Artistry Collection

The Journey of A Customized Metal Wall Art at Evolve

The Journey of A Customized Metal Wall Art At Evolve

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