Project Name: A Chic Living Room In Classic Concrete 

Location: Mumbai, India

Designer: Tanushree Lakhotia, Limehouse Design Studio

Finish: Decorative Textured Concrete

In this project, we catered to the aesthetic sensibilities of an interior designer and helped in bringing her creative vision to life.

The client envisioned a seamless monolith finish for a minimalistic yet classy dining area and chose our decorative concrete finishes to achieve the same. The walls, as well as the furniture pieces in the dining area, were coated using the textured concrete finish to create a seamless look which resulted in radiating an effortlessly chic and modern look throughout the space. Since the chosen area has quite a high volume of usage, the high durability of our decorative concrete finish ensures that the space looks elegant and amazing even five years down the line.

Are you looking to design contemporary and minimal spaces? Get in touch with us to discuss all that you can achieve using decorative concrete finishes. Be it a residential, commercial or hospitality project, we can help you design unseen spaces that can steal the show in a blink.