Project Name: Eccentric Concrete Residential Interiors

Location: Mumbai, India

Finish: Textured Concrete Finish

In this residential project, we helped bring the creative vision of the owners, who were also the designers to life by catering to their aesthetic sensibilities with textured concrete. 

The TV backdrop, which also serves as a highlighter wall, boasts of the beautiful Aquilone design in a vibrant orange colour that induces an artistic and energetic vibe. Inspired by the ancient middle-eastern designs, the clients wanted to design a hallway that would give off a mystic vibe. Keeping this in mind, they opted for a heritage design pattern in concrete that then gave the space an eccentric look. For the bedroom, they had envisioned a simple space that would promote a good night’s sleep. So, they chose the sober floral design in white concrete that lent the space a minimal and subtle look. The final result? A cozy and welcoming space that beautifully reflected the client’s personality and style.

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