Project Name: A Distinctively Designed Bar Table For Karan Johar’s Breathtaking Terrace

Location: Mumbai, India

Designer: Gauri Khan Designs

Finish: Liquid Metal – Copper Patina

Designed by the celebrated interior designer Gauri Khan, seen here is a bar table finished in our copper patina finish, for the famous Bollywood director and producer Karan Johar.

While having a lavish rooftop with a picturesque view of the Arabian sea can sound quite exciting in itself, the client was in need of an eye-catching bar table to help pull the entire space together. Our biggest challenge was providing the client with something that could stand the test of time given the outdoor setting of the space.

Metals are notoriously known to change their colour and texture over several years of usage and therefore, it was highly crucial to choose a material that was durable and elegant at the same time. The team at Gauri Khan Designs decided to opt for our liquid metal copper patina finish in a shade of green owing to the beautiful aesthetic it can give to any place. Our sprayable liquid metal coatings made it easy to achieve a seamless metal bar table in an oxidised copper effect without having to wait several years for it to age and achieve this look. To maintain the colour of the finish in the long run, we furthermore sealed the oxidised layer, to meet the client’s requirements and deliver a durable product that induced a rustic yet sophisticated vibe to the exterior space. 

It’s no secret that the current trend in interior designing is all about incorporating design products that make a bold statement – and this bar table does just that!

Rooftop bar table designed with Evolve's copper patina finish
Rooftop bar table designed with Evolve's copper patina finish

Looking for a unique finish for your furniture piece or bar table? Get in touch with us to discuss the customization possibilities. With our liquid metal and concrete textured finishes, your imagination is the only limitation. Be it an open rooftop table or an indoor dining table, we can help you design bespoke pieces that can elevate the style quotient of your space instantly.