Project Name: The Perfect Gold Accent Wall For A Living Room

Location: Bangalore, India

Architect: Narendra Pirgal, Cadence Architects

Finish: Liquid Metal Bronze


In this residential project, located in Bangalore, we catered to the aesthetic needs of a couple who were in search of a material that could lend to their space an elegant and artistic touch. 

With this aim set in their minds, they opted for the liquid metal bronze finish, in the design Abstratto. This design was executed over a 400 square feet living room accent wall that gave the wall a personality of its own. The golden hue of the bronze finish lent a warm and luxe vibe to the space. And the abstract design added a timeless appeal that elevated the entire look and feel of the residence. The final result? A subtle yet statement making living room just like the clients had envisioned. 

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