Top 10 Premium Modular Kitchen Stores To Visit In Mumbai In 2024

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Are you weary of mundane kitchens that lack inspiration? Imagine a kitchen space where everything from the cabinetry to the countertops not only exudes opulence and functionality but also mirrors your personal taste. This search for the right brand can be challenging if you’re unaware of the top modular kitchen stores. So, we’ve created a list of 10 premium modular kitchen stores to help you pick the best one. Let’s get started.

1. Sleek by Asian Paints

Top 10 Premium Modular Kitchen Stores To Visit In Mumbai
Image Source: Sleek by Asian Paints

Sleek by Asian Paints has been a leading name in the world of premium modular kitchens across the country. Established 25 years ago, this brand is known for its world-class designs and its ability to understand what the consumer needs and desires. Over the years, they have consistently delivered the best quality with their innovative designs and impeccable craftsmanship. 

What sets them apart is their in-house team of expert designers who specialise in designing customised kitchens that are more than just functional. From storage solutions and the sleek work triangle to in-built appliances and innovative accessories, they offer everything that can transform your kitchen into a work of art. Their factory-fitted kitchens come pre-drilled, making the installation hassle-free and easy. You have the choice of selecting from a curated collection of more than 200 finishes, thoughtfully handpicked to meet your preferences. They also come with a 10-year warranty. The flagship store is located in Borivali East, with multiple stores within Mumbai and across the country.  

2. Wurfel Kuche

Top 10 Premium Modular Kitchen Stores To Visit In Mumbai
Image Source: Wurfel Kitchen

Wurfel Kuche is a luxury kitchen brand that’s not only great at cooking up stylish and durable kitchens but also cares about the planet while doing so. This German-based brand, started back in 2015, is known for its top-notch products and premium modular kitchens specially crafted for Indian homes. 

Their kitchen designs ensure maximum space utilisation and cater to the needs and preferences of homeowners. From traditional and modern to contemporary and personalised styles, it has got you covered with products like cabinets, countertops, and exotic kitchen accessories. Also, the brand believes in sustainable practices and uses eco-friendly materials for all its products. They have two stores in Mumbai, one at Borivali and the other at Andheri West, with numerous stores nationwide. 

3. Hacker Kitchens

Top 10 Premium Modular Kitchen Stores To Visit In Mumbai
Image Source: Hacker Kitchens

Hacker is one of the world’s finest luxury brands, manufacturing sleek, modern, fitted premium modular kitchens that are durable, innovative, and super functional. Its journey began in India 19 years ago, and ever since, they have been tirelessly working towards creating timeless designs with expert craftsmanship. 

This Germany-based brand maintains sophisticated and supreme quality manufacturing processes that constantly keep up with the evolving times. It caters to a wide range of consumers, from reasonably priced to medium to premium clients. They’ve got something for everyone, whether you’re balling on a budget or going all out. What’s even better is that they are environmentally conscious and provide customised solutions. No two kitchen designs ever look the same. They have a store in Mumbai, along with multiple other stores around the country. 

4. Greco Modular Kitchen 

Top 10 Premium Modular Kitchen Stores To Visit In Mumbai
Image Source: Greco Modular Kitchen

Greco Modular Kitchen is a renowned premium modular kitchen brand, based in Mumbai, that boasts of designing kitchens that are not only stylish and functional but also ergonomic. With over a decade of experience, they have grown into a brand that uses the latest technologies and materials to create kitchens that are perfect for modern kitchen requirements. 

One of the things that they are especially known for is their commitment to understanding the needs and budgets of their consumers right from the get-go. As a result, the final outcome is always impressive and almost the same as the initial design. Whether you fancy a sleek, modern look or a timeless, traditional vibe, there is something for every taste. Another exciting feature is their after-sales service, which includes a comprehensive warranty and post-installation service. 

5. Plusch

Top 10 Premium Modular Kitchen Stores To Visit In Mumbai
Image Source: Plusch

Founded by Hamedra and Rati Sharma back in 1998, Plusch has been setting the bar for premium modular kitchen designs that celebrate luxury living. The firm has a reputation for bringing in the best luxury brands from Germany to India. 

Plusch listens to you, analyses your needs, and suggests solutions that are both accurate and stylish all at the same time. They execute their operations with commendable precision, characterized by a hassle-free experience. Over time, they have grown and evolved and have stores in Mumbai and many other cities in India. 

6. Hafele India

Top 10 Premium Modular Kitchen Stores To Visit In Mumbai
Image Source: Hafele

Hafele India is a 13-year-old, well-known luxury brand for premium modular kitchens and accessories. Distinguished by its extensive product portfolio and a well-connected network of channel partners, this one-of-a-kind built-in home appliances brand seamlessly blends international functionality and design with distinctly Indian requirements. Moreover, it caters to the needs of the Indian market with precision and innovation. 

Their products embody great innovation, boasting the best quality, enduring durability, remarkable functionality, and cutting-edge customisation options. What’s more, this brand has an extensive presence, with installation and service facilities spanning across nearly every major city in the nation. Its knack for staying in tune with evolving trends and comprehending the diverse Indian market solidifies its status as an industry leader. 

7. Küche7

Top 10 Premium Modular Kitchen Stores To Visit In Mumbai
Image Source: Kuche7

Located in Fort, Küche7 is one of the first brands to begin the concept of comprehensive stainless steel interior solutions in India. Their kitchens exude sophistication and character through smart designs, striking a balance between functionality, ergonomics, and luxury. Exquisitely designed to enhance your cooking experience, these kitchens are designed with great precision and craftsmanship as per your requirements. 

Constructed with top-tier stainless steel and coated with a durable PU finish, they are immaculately designed to last a lifetime. They offer high wear and tear resistance, robust corrosion protection, and easy setup and integration. Küche7 especially earns recognition for delivering within 45 days and providing a 25-year warranty. 

8.  Panasonic Kitchen

Top 10 Premium Modular Kitchen Stores To Visit In Mumbai
Image Source: Panasonic Kitchen

Panasonic Kitchen is a Japanese-based electronics company that offers remarkable premium modular kitchen designs that inspire you to live a life of comfort and style. They have a variety of kitchen models to choose from and are known to provide high-quality products. 

The brand has adapted from designing conventional kitchen concepts to modern kitchens that make the most of your space. Through the use of top-notch materials, they create innovative designs that not only take care of the functional aspect. These designs also enable you to embrace a new lifestyle. Their kitchens are uniquely tailored and user-friendly. They have a store located in Mumbai and multiple other cities in the country. 

9. Kutchina

Image Source: Kutchina Kitchen

Discover the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity with Kutchina premium modular kitchen designs, customised to complement the essence of your homes. They not only improve the flow of movement and efficiency but also ingeniously transform unused corners into smart storage units. With Kutchina, you’re assured of supreme quality and maximum functionality right from the design phase up to delivery. 

They offer remarkable designs at attractive price points and can also customise your kitchen according to your style and budget. For a kitchen experience that’s both classy and practical, their sleek contemporary designs are the perfect choice. As a brand, they are known to effortlessly blend flexibility and symmetry, catering to the nuances of Indian homes. They have expanded their reach to approximately 52 stores across India and have everything from modular kitchens to kitchen appliances.

10. Godrej Interio

Image Source: Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio is a big name in the furniture industry and also has a great reputation for its modular kitchen designs. Its authenticity lies in the fact that it always keeps the customer at the centre of the design process, understands their needs, and offers a valuable solution. 

They make kitchens functional, sturdy, and long-lasting, and they create a perfect blend of style and functionality. Their wide range of premium materials, finishes, and accessories gives you a lot to choose from. Consequently, this allows you to personalize your kitchen the way you want. They also offer impeccable after-sales capabilities. The brand has multiple stores across the country, with its flagship store in Vikhroli. There are two other stores in Vashi and Andheri.

Mumbai is home to many renowned modular kitchen stores with efficient designers and excellent craftsmanship. From timeless, traditional styled kitchens to contemporary and modern kitchens, the city has a rich tapestry to offer. Venture into this curated list of the top 10 premium modular kitchen stores, select the one that resonates with your unique style, and transform your kitchen into an experience like no other.

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