Top 10 Stores To Buy Premium Furnishings In Mumbai In 2024

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Tired of settling for uninspiring home furnishings? Picture a home where every piece of furniture, every textile, and every detail is not just stylish and comfortable but reflects your personality. Welcome to the world of premium home furnishings, where we have curated the top 10 premium home decor brands from Mumbai. From modern and minimalist to classic and traditional, these brands offer a range of home furnishings that will match your unique style. Read on to make your home a reflection of you.

1. AA Living, Malabar Hill 

Top 10 Premium Home Furnishing Stores In Mumbai - AA Living
Image Source: AA Living

AA Living has been a leading premium home furnishing store in Mumbai, located in the posh locality of Nepean Sea Road. Established two decades ago, this brand is known for its thoughtfully curated collection of top-notch bed and bath textiles, upholstery, quirky rugs, carpets, cushions, exotic home decor accessories, and more. Over the years, they have consistently delivered exceptional quality, innovative designs, and impeccable craftsmanship, catering to an elite clientele.

What sets AA Living apart is its commitment to ethical trade and conscious production. Their take on minimalistic designs and diverse catalog of products ooze opulence and elegance. They have something for everyone, including a dedicated line for children. Some of their bestsellers deserve a special mention, like the Evil Eye and tribal cushion covers, anti-slip mats with offbeat quotes, Frida Kahlo plates, and their uber-chic bedspreads.

Price: Starting from INR 1500

2. Freedom Tree, Bandra

Top 10 Premium Home Furnishing Stores In Mumbai - Freedom Tree
Image Source: Freedom Tree

Freedom Tree, led by the visionary Latika Khosla, is a vibrant home decor and lifestyle brand. They are known for their in-house designs and fine craftsmanship, and their products are made with the highest quality materials. Everything from fabrics and curtains to textiles, lighting fixtures, and furniture pieces of impeccable taste can be found in the store.

The brand doesn’t merely offer chic and minimal home adornments; its versatile catalog of furnishings gives you a compelling reason to invest in them. Infuse a touch of Freedom Tree’s character and transform your home into a space that exudes luxury and sophistication. Also, don’t forget to check out their ceramic collection. The flagship store is located in Bandra, with multiple stores across the country.

Price: Starting from INR 1380

3. Good Earth, Colaba, Lower Parel and Juhu

Top 10 Premium Home Furnishing Stores In Mumbai - Good Earth
Image Source: Good Earth

Founded in 1996 by Anita Lal, Good Earth is a premium home furnishing store in Mumbai with one-of-a-kind artistic pieces. Rooted in home-grown luxury, it is a go-to brand for those who want to indulge in statement pieces. Step into this vast store, and you’ll encounter a mad fusion of vibrant colors, quirky prints, and captivating patterns. From organic cotton bed and bath textiles to dinnerware, bone china crockery, throws, rugs, fragrances, cushions, and home decor, it offers a unique collection of goodies.

The brand’s aesthetic is inspired by enchanting tales of history and culture, reimagining traditional crafts in a modern context. Good Earth not only captures the essence of indigenous arts and crafts but also combines it with sustainability through exemplary designs. What truly sets them apart is the dedication of their craftsmen, who consistently travel across Asia to incorporate the rich heritage into their sustainable luxury designs. Good Earth has several stores across India, while the Mumbai stores are located in Colaba, Lower Parel and Juhu.  

Price: Starting from INR 1400

4. Simone, Colaba

Top 10 Premium Home Furnishing Stores In Mumbai - Simone
Image Source: Simone

Simone is a dreamy two-level premium home furnishing store nested inside a quaint heritage building in Colaba, Mumbai. Founded by Simone Arora in 2014, this concept boutique store has created a niche for itself in the luxury decor market. It is a one-stop solution for utility-based luxury, from high-end furnishings to accent pieces, artifacts, wall and floor coverings, fabrics, and chic accessories.

The expertise of Simone also extends into the realm of home design services. Enter this store and get an insight into their passionately curated living, bedroom and outdoor living spaces. A visit to this store, where opulence and elegance are paramount, is nothing short of an inspiring experience.

Price: Starting from INR 2240

5. Nicobar, Kala Ghoda, Lower Parel and Bandra

Top 10 Premium Home Furnishing Stores In Mumbai - Nicobar
Image Source: Nicobar

Nicobar is a one-stop destination for all premium home decor and lifestyle needs. It gets its name from the popular island in the Indian Ocean and imbibes a lot of its character into the aesthetic of the store. Enter the store and discover an indo-western theme furnished with a vibrant array of cushions, elegant ceramics, and quirky accessories. Started in 2016, this brand showcases an exclusive collection of products that draw inspiration from rich heritage and blend it with a modern flair.

They do not believe in trend-driven products and are highly influenced by nature in their designs and materials. Minimalism, conscious design, and durability form the key pillars of their brand. Their extensive catalog includes everything from cushions to printed linen, coasters, tableware, rugs, curtains, bed and bath textiles, wellness, and more. Nicobar has multiple stores scattered across India, with its Mumbai stores gracing Kala Ghoda, Lower Parel, and Bandra.

Price: Starting from INR 1500

6. HtoH, Lower Parel

Top 10 Premium Home Furnishing Stores In Mumbai - HtoH
Image Source – HtoH

HtoH is a premium home decor brand known for adorning homes with its contemporary and offbeat decor pieces. The brainchild of a Tokyo-based designer, Reshma Kumar, the brand’s exclusive collection is deeply influenced by Japanese aesthetics. It is especially known for locally made artifacts and materials. Over the years, this brand has emerged as remarkable and firmly established its authenticity loud and clear.

Through a commitment to locally sourced materials, attention to detail, and a dedication to serving a purpose, their collection ranges from sculptures and candle stands to vases, planters, mirrors, linen, and all things decor. Also, don’t miss their wooden and ceramic collections. The store is located in Lower Parel.  

Price: Starting from INR 1000

7. The Golden Triangle, Byculla

Top 10 Premium Home Furnishing Stores In Mumbai - The Golden Triangle
Image Source – Architects and Interiors, India

The Golden Triangle is a premium home furnishing store in Mumbai that is fairly new yet exudes an old-world charm. This gorgeous store is a haven for all your decor needs, offering a diverse catalog, from exquisite artifacts and elegant accent furniture to quirky chairs, sofas, dining ware, frames, and handcrafted statement pieces. They also have an enormous collection of decorative lights.

What sets this store apart is its remarkable ability to bring together diverse cultures and create a one-of-a-kind experience. The brand not only embraces this ethos but elevates it. Every nook and corner of the store has been crafted with elegant nuances, ensuring you immerse yourself in the nostalgia of bygone eras. Stepping foot into the store transforms you into the world of vintage furniture and contemporary artefacts. Their diverse collection is sourced from countries including China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Turkey and Germany. The store is located in Byculla. 

Price: Starting from INR 3000

8. The Pure Concept Home, Kala Ghoda

Top 10 Premium Home Furnishing Stores In Mumbai - Pure Concept Home
Image Source – The Pure Concept Home

The Pure Concept Home is a 360-degree premium home furnishing store in Mumbai and an interior design studio meticulously crafted to fulfill all your design requirements. Co-founded by Chanya Kaur and Dalbir Singh, this young brand offers an extensive collection of products and consultancy services. They specialize in ideation, styling, and curating premium furnishings to transform spaces into personalized sanctuaries of style and comfort.

Visit their flagship store in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai and experience their concept-driven mock designs of living and bedroom spaces showcasing furniture, accent pieces, fabrics, wallpaper and home decor items. Their ravishing collection includes everything from classics to contemporary pieces, ensuring there is something for every taste. 

Price: Starting from INR 3000

9. Peacock Life, Bandra

Top 10 Premium Home Furnishing Stores In Mumbai - Peacock Life
Image Source: Peacock Life

Peacock Life is a premium furnishing and lifestyle venture that celebrates traditional art forms and infuses them with recycled and upcycled materials. Located in the elite neighborhood of Turner Road, Bandra West, this pretty-looking store is a three-storey luxurious space, with each floor having a vibe of its own. Started by Shabnam Gupta, the retail store has a product catalog ranging from designer furniture and breathtaking lighting fixtures to vibrant cushions, brassware, quirky mirrors, and statement decor pieces handpicked by Shabnam.

The brand believes in everything organic and makes it a point to ensure that the products are handmade by local artisans. It is firmly grounded in the timeless principles of traditional art while skillfully integrating them with contemporary needs and preferences. Whether it’s infusing a blank wall with vibrant elements, adorning a corner with hand-picked panels or seamlessly introducing vintage furniture into a space, Peacock Life doesn’t merely furnish spaces – it transforms them into exquisite pieces of artistry.

Price: Starting from INR 1100

10. Maison, Indiabulls Finance Centre

Top 10 Premium Home Furnishing Stores In Mumbai - Maison
Image Source: Architectural Digest

Maison by International Furniture Centre is a premium furniture and decor brand known for its stunning home decor, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, and sophisticated accessories. In 2017, it opened its flagship store at Indiabulls Finance Centre, Mumbai. The opulent store displays concept-driven designs of living, dining, and bedrooms curated to offer a holistic experience for buyers on how they can set up their homes. The store almost looks like a high-end store in Europe.

Their accessories range from mirrors and table lamps to candle stands, vases, and wine glasses. They specialize in transitional furniture, including high-back chairs, grand sofas, tufted armchairs and side tables with bronze and gold embellishments, modern beds, and dining tables. Additionally, they offer exclusive furniture and accessories curated by renowned artisans and sourced from European and North American manufacturers.

Price: Starting from INR 2000

Mumbai offers a diverse collection of premium furnishing brands, catering to every taste and preference. Whether you’re drawn towards authentic local craftsmanship or have a liking for international brands, the city has a lot to offer. Pick the ones that suit your personality from this wide range of options and give your home that uber-chic look you’ve always wanted.

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