Top 18 Luxury Residential Interior Designers in Mumbai | 2024

Very often I am asked for references by my friends, family, and sometimes even by clients for interior designers in Mumbai who design houses for a certain theme and style. And I instantly find it tough to give them just a few options because, to be honest, there is so much talent out there. 

So, I thought of compiling a list of some designers who I love, some whom I admire, and some upcoming interior designers whose journey I am looking forward to following very closely. Without further ado, here’s a list of 18  luxury home interior designers in Mumbai whose work I would highly recommend. While the title does say “top” for SEO purposes, they all are supremely talented and it’s not fair to rank them, because creativity is contextual, thus subjective and should not be compared. 

1. PS Design


Run by Piyush and Priyanka Mehra, PS design’s versatile style, combined with their love for color is what sets them apart. One look at their Instagram and you can quickly tell about their love for attention to detail. Following the “less is more” concept, PS Design is a great choice if you are looking for interiors that are invigorating. Personally, I am a big fan of their vibe, style, and especially of Piyush and Priyanka’s extremely funny Instagram banter.

Image Source: PS Design

2. Studio Osmosis


Known for their skillfulness with color, there is no one who pairs colors better than the duo at Studio Osmosis. Helmed by Sameer and Shilpa Balvally, the studio with its youthful energy has crafted homes that are fresh, functional, and fabulous looking. They’re known for their love of experimenting and delivering sustainable designs. So If you are looking for designers who understand the balance between creativity and practicality, you now know where to start. 

Image Source: Studio Osmosis

3. Red Architects


When I think of Red, I think of clean lines, interesting material combinations, and subtle grandiose. With every project, they deliver designs that make you stop and stare. I love the custom patterns that I see across each of their projects. Each one distinct, somber, and yet statement-making in its own way. If you’re looking to build from scratch or need help designing your space thoughtfully, Red Architects is where you should go. 

Image Source: Red Architects

4. Jason Wadhwani Design Studio


Jason’s designs are one with calculated restraint. From his color choices to material choices, all of them echo contemporary to me. With Jason, you are sure to get clean lines, monochromatic color combinations, and a beautiful art selection. If you’re looking to design a pad with lean furniture, splashes of color, and understated glamor, I’d say Jason would be a fine match.

Image Source: Studio Kunal Bhatia

5. Rajiv Saini & Associates


Each room has a story to tell when it’s designed by Rajiv Saini. Known for creating spaces that celebrate art in every form, this design maverick loves crisp pure lines and an understated material palette that is both economical and tactile. If you’re looking for a home that is timeless and yet unusual, Rajiv Saini is where you should start. 

Image Source: Rajiv Saini & Associates

6. Faquih & Associates


If you believe in simple aesthetic living, then you will find your match in Kaif Faquih. His designs to me are best remembered for his instinctive approach to materials, combining craftsmanship with modernism with great attention to detail. A peek into his interior projects and you’ll immediately see how smart design and great material choices can lend a light and breezy look to the space.

Image Source: Faquih & Associates 

7. Shroffleon Architecture & Interior Design


Kayzad and Maria believe that good design is a creative collaboration of all parties involved. I love how they pair muted colors with warm earthy tones to create a sense of movement using materials. Known for their novel designs, you will often find interesting bespoke patterns in their projects that are developed keeping the context of the project in mind. If you’ve got a creative eye and are looking for creative exploration, Shroffleon are the designers you want on your team.

Image Source: Shroffleon

8. Ashiesh Shah


If you are an art connoisseur you’re going to definitely hit it off with Ashiesh Shah. Prominently known in the world of luxury interior design, Ashiesh’s style is highly informed by the Japanese style of Wabi-Sabi which in turn influences his choice of art and thus the vision of his space and the material selection. He doesn’t like the perfect and believes that beauty lies in imperfection. So, if you’re looking for a space that is not run-of-the-mill, Ashiesh Shah is who you want to get in touch with.

Image Source: Ashiesh Shah

9. Aum Architects 


Run by Manish Dikshit, Aum Architects believes in combining traditional architectural styles with modern innovations to get you designs that are the best of both worlds. What I love about their interior design style is the use of space. Crafting spacious homes that are infused with a bit of old-world charm and a bit of the new-age practicality is what makes Aum Architects a delight. If you love your wood and vintage patterns, Manish is certainly the one you should approach.

Image Source: Aum Architects

10. Design Matters


Reshma believes designs are boring if they aren’t telling a story, and this is exactly what you will get to see in every project of hers. A look at her past projects and one can instantly recognize her focus on thematic designs, be it contemporary, neo-classical or futuristic. I would say Design Matters is who you should go to if you’re looking for someone who is great at interpreting emotions into design. 

High end residential design by Design Matters
Image Source: Design Matters

11. VPA Architects


If you are a nature lover and looking to find your better half in design, VPA Architects is where you should start. Apart from being able to incorporate the outdoors indoors very effortlessly, the team at VPA Architects is great at pairing the right materials to give your new space a cozy homely makeover. 

High end residential design by VPA Architects
Image Source: VPA Architects

12. Zero 9


With Zero 9, I personally love the absolute novelty in all their projects. Each unlike the other, truly. Run by the very talented duo of Prashant and Anu Chauhan, Zero 9’s projects are artsy and cozy with a vibe of their own. If you want to design spaces that are a representation of your personality and passion, I think Zero 9 is the firm that would be able to do perfect justice.

High end residential design by Zero 9
Image Source: Zero 9

13. Quirk Studio


As the name suggests, Quirk Studio’s projects are always offbeat yet serene. The way they infuse colors not only makes the space stand out but look lively as well. Run by Shivani Ajmera and Disha Bhavsar, their flamboyant aesthetics can be seen through their own style choices and past projects. If you like a pop of color merged into classic interior design, then Quirk Studio is the place for you.

High end residential design by Quirk Studio
Image Source: Quirk Studio

14. Jannat Vasi


What characterizes each of Jannat’s projects is that they all have a strong personality of their own. The colors, furniture, and art chosen tell a story instantly. Personally, I love Jannat’s choice of material. Her innate modern aesthetic style is seen through the bold color choices, paired with embossed textures and timeless furniture pieces.

High end residential design by Jannat Vasi
Image Source: Jannat Vasi

15. Sheena INC


If you love an eclectic style with elegance, Sheena is who I would highly recommend. Sheena’s penchant for experimentation and her eye for art is unmatched. I admire her creativity when it comes to bespoke creations. Be it a chandelier or a furniture finish, you know it’s going to be something different. If you are experimental and love art, Sheena INC is where you should start.

High end residential design by Sheena INC
Image Source: Sheena Inc

16.  IPIPL


Everytime I spot a post by Amit Porwal on one of his projects, my instant thought is, “Wow, what great design!” To me, Amit’s choice of materials are classics with which one can never go wrong. Clean design, homogenous patterns, and neat lines are what would sum up IPIPL designs. If you are looking to create timeless interiors for your space, IPIPL is the design partner you are looking for.

High end residential design by IPIPL
Image Source: IPIPL

17. Anjali Rawat Architects


I am a big fan of Anjali’s use of shapes in all her projects. Be it arches, soft curves or simply linear lines, they all act like a guide to the eyes. Her aesthetics are elegant and she enjoys playing with abstract textures. If you are looking for novel designs that are easy on the eye, Anjali would make for the perfect design partner.

High end residential design by Anjali Rawat Architects
Image Source: Anjali Rawat Architects

18. Rajiv Khushalani


Inspired greatly by nature, Rajiv Khushalani’s designs are warm and cozy. One look at his past projects and you can see how his material choices are sumptuous yet homely. And of course, his love for clean lines is dominant. If you like a house that is well put together but yet shows great restraint, he is who you should approach.

High end residential design by Rajiv Khushalani
Image Source: Khushalani Associates

For now, that’s the entire list, I’ll keep adding to this list on a periodic basis to make it a one-stop repository. If you have suggestions please leave them in the comments below. 

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