50 Contemporary Door Designs To Make A Great First Impression In 2024

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A unique front door can transform the look of your exteriors in the blink of an eye. Besides, it is also the first thing they set their eyes on when they arrive and the last thing they contemplate after leaving. And a beautiful entrance door design gives people something to remember the house by. ‘That house with the red door’ can be easily forgotten by your visitors, but ‘that house with the brass metal entrance door’ is something that lingers on your mind. So, why settle with ordinary? Given below is a list of 50 contemporary door designs that boast of expressively tailored personality and style. 

1. A Royal Experience


Image by: Evolve India

Set the tone for your esteemed guests with grand entrances that are sure to impress. Be it a residential space, a commercial office space or a hospitality space, your design can never go wrong with this door skin design by Evolve India.


2. Give Your Guests A Warm Welcome


Image Source: Google

Vibrant wood tones paired with colorful walls add a natural character to your entryways. Here the greenery peeking through the frosted glass and the stand-alone planter further adds to this warmth thus making the space stand out.


3. Bring Out Your Artistic Self


Image by: Evolve India

Add a personality to otherwise dull spaces with beautifully designed artistic door skins like this Florines design decorative concrete and liquid metal finished door skin by Evolve India.


4. A Pleasant Break From The Conventional Styles


Image Source: Google

The alternative cut outs on this grid design wooden door add an interesting touch to a normal door design and make it unique.


5. Turn On The Glam With Glass


Image Source: Google

Incorporating clear glass is another way to make a doorway stand out. You can use this design style to create front doors as well as doors to the rooms inside. But if you are worried that your privacy might be compromised but are still keen on using this as your entrance door design, just replace the clear glass with frosted or artistic glass.


6. Bold, Black, Beautiful


Image by: Evolve India

With a metal entrance door like this, no one can miss out your house. This liquid gunmetal finished door skin is a perfect solution for everyone looking for contemporary door designs to amp the look of their exteriors.


7. Induce A Vintage Vibe


Image by: Evolve India

This liquid metal copper patina finished door skin is an ideal fit for both modern and classic interior spaces and can uplift the elegance quotient of your spaces in an instant.


8. Stand Out With Brass


Image by: Evolve India

Isn’t this floral design brass door skin absolutely stunning? If you are looking to go big on style and achieve a bold look, then this door skin can be an ideal pick.


9. Clear Out The Sides


Image Source: Google

This classic door appears to float weightlessly between the clear glass slides and thus gives the exterior an eye-catching look.


10. Geometric Patterns All The Way


Image Source: GJ Associates

A neat geometric pattern can be a nice break from the traditional and overused designs. The warm yellow color of the door in contrast to the grey concrete exteriors also adds a nice finishing touch thus making this entryway a memorable one.


11. Design A Statement Entryway


Celebrate the flawed and vibrant beauty of nature with handcrafted textured contemporary door skin designs and effortlessly achieve a space full of personality and character.


12. Classy & Contemporary


Image by Evolve India

Even a simple entrance door design like this can add an ample amount of beauty to your exteriors and make your space stand out from the plain and conventional doors that we generally see.


13. Age Old Classics With A Modern Twist


Image by: Evolve India

A classic design like this one can never go out of style. ‘But what’s the twist?’ you must be wondering. A metal door like this is supposed to be heavy, but not anymore. This door that you see has been designed using liquid metal finishes, thus making it super light and also super affordable. To see more such door skin designs, click here.


14. Make Way For Rust


Image by: Evolve India

This entrance door of Studio Untitled’s office space speaks of elegance, sophistication and class. And with the new-age rust finishes, crafting such mesmerizing entryways will be a problem no more. 


15. Add A Bold Accent


Image by: Evolve India

Wow your guests with designer entrances crafted using liquid gunmetal and liquid metal brass, and watch as they become highly Instagram-able backdrops.


16. Let The Door Do The Talking


Image by: Evolve India

Craft entrances that not only personify your style but also bring the X-factor to your exteriors.


17. Don’t Be Safe And Sorry


Image by: Evolve India

Stoke happy emotions, and create a ‘feel good’ experience for your spaces with these unique and contemporary door designs crafted using liquid metal copper.


18. Edgy & Elegant


Image Source: Pavan Infratech

Check out this flattering take on apartment doors, with small wooden squares embracing a modern look and the warm wooden tone lending it a classic look.


19. Peek-a-boo


Image Source: The Brick Tales

Camouflaged within its bordering panels, this wooden door makes a dramatic first impression on every guest with its substantial and weighty look among the concrete clad exteriors.


20. Play With Colors


Image Source: Architectural Digest

Looking to design a quirky, playful exterior? Go for a color-blocked glass door like this one and you wouldn’t have to worry about any other thing.


21. Unusual Color Combinations


Image Source: Google

… like this one can transform an ordinary front door into a focal point. This door goes for a subtle yet bold approach to colors with the same wood of different tones merged together.


22. A Luxurious Entryway


Image Source: Squelette Design

If you’re looking to craft a designer entrance like this, then this Sunray Brass metal finish door skin is just what you need. Stick it on to any new or existing door and transform your conventional door into a statement making one instantly.


23. Open Sesame


Image Source: AUM Architects

Enhance the elegance quotient of your entryways and evoke an inviting sensation for your guests with contemporary door designs like this.


24. Go Big, Go Bold


Image Source: Google

Large doorways like this make for a great front door especially when you have a beautiful view outside and a clean and minimalist foyer inside.


25. Country Chic


Image Source: Google

Deep rose tones set in contrast with stark black exteriors make for a great modernised country style design that is sure to catch the eye. 


26. Set A Warm Tone To Your Exterior


Image Source: Google

Here’s another take on tiny frosted glass panes combined with solid wood that provides ample privacy while still retaining a bright and sunny appearance.


27. Try Something Offbeat


Image Source: DB Architecture

When it comes to Indian main door designs, we have generally seen vertical door handles attached to the door. But if you are eager to try out contemporary door designs, then why not go for horizontal handles like these and add a unique touch to your entrance?


28. A Game Of Light And Shadow


Image Source: Google

Doesn’t this wooden cut out door look absolutely stunning? Even when your door is closed, the sunlight can seep in freely thus lighting up your interiors while also maintaining your privacy.


29. Include A Long Door Handle


Image Source: Google

The unusually long door handle is what makes this otherwise simple door stand out and also gives the exterior of the house a cool and contemporary look.


30. Where Classic Meets Contemporary


Image Source: BPlusK Architects

Well, of course the wooden panels are a token of the classic design style while the concrete finished exteriors represent the contemporary design patterns. So, if you are designing an apartment on similar lines, this entrance door design can be an ideal pick.


31. Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something Unusual


Image Source: The Interior Workshop

Unconventional door designs are what you need if you are looking to design a bespoke entrance way. And contemporary door designs like this one can be just what you were looking for.


32. Play With Dark Tones


Image Source: Pinterest

This burnt brown wooden door shade blended with the black exterior walls makes for a striking and luxurious entryway. The gold door handles and the gold inlays on the other hand enhance the look even more thus giving this villa entrance a memorable look.


33. Simple & Sophisticated


Image Source: Pinterest

Another great way to uplift the beauty of your exterior space is to have similar flooring and door design like you can see in this picture. And if you also have ample space, don’t forget to add some greenery; this will not just amplify the beauty of your space but will also make you a responsible citizen.


34. Redefine Your Style With Wooden Doors


Image Source: K.N. Associates

Are you a bit of old school in your heart but would still like to try out contemporary door designs for your home? This modern main entrance door design might just be the thing you were looking for. The intricate wood detailings, the extra long and detailed wooden door handle and the beautifully carved jali door – all of these together give this apartment entrance an elegant and ethereal look.


35. Design Tall And Sleek Entryways


Image Source: Google

Take the visual interest of your entrances up by quite a few notches with this extra tall and slim entrance door design. While the unusual height adds an X-factor to the design, the beautiful contrast of white and rose-gold amps up the beauty thus giving the entrance a memorable look.


36. Opt For A Screen Door


Image Source: Google

Screen doors can look absolutely elegant when styled in the right way. Here, a combination of frosted and clear glass creates a guarded but attractive boundary between the outside and the inside and elevates the beauty of this entrance.


37. Blend It In


Image Source: Google

Doesn’t this apartment entrance look absolutely stunning? If you too are designing an apartment and have quite some space outside, don’t hesitate to try out this contemporary design and leave your guests in awe.


38. The Jenga Door


Image Source: Studio Osmosis

Does this clean and crisp alignment of the wooden panels on the door as well as the wall tiles and the screens remind you of the game? So, if you have ample space in your entrance area and are open to have some fun, contemporary door designs like these might be an ideal choice for you.


39. Design A Bright Entryway


Image Source: Google

Using bright colors for doors is a conventional but nice way to quirk up the look of your exteriors and make your space easily recognisable. Like this yellow door is sure to catch the eye in a blink and will also be distinctively remembered by anyone who visits the house.


40. Let The Beauty Of The Greenery Seep In


Image Source: Google

If you have a serene view of the lush greenery outside, let its beauty enhance your interiors by allowing an uninterrupted view of the same with clear glass panels.


41. Opt For Abstract Designs


Image Source: Google

Abstract design doors like these can instantly elevate the beauty quotient of your exterior spaces while also giving it an interesting and playful character.


42. Go With Unique Door Handles


Image Source: Google

Add a quirky and unique twist to your simple entryway by incorporating a never seen before door handle and see the look of your exteriors change in a blink.


43. Where Ancient Meets Modern


Image Source: Google

We have seen such door designs in ancient Indian monuments and palaces. And if you, like us, have fallen in love with those designs, why hesitate to have an entryway that looks just the same? If you’re worried that it might not look ‘contemporary’ enough, just remember, classics can never go out of style.


44. Create An Illusion


Image Source: Pinterest

Yes, an illusion. This wooden door continues even down the stairs and off to the sides thus creating an illusion of a large door with a set of floating stairs in front.


45. Go For An Unusual Design


Image Source: The Interior Workshop

The cutouts on this door form an abstract pattern which gives the entrance an interesting character. On the other hand, these cutouts also allow the external light to seep in while also maintaining the privacy of the residents.


46. Pop It Out With Metal Paneling


Image Source: Google

The gold metal panel with the leaf design placed right in the middle of this door amplifies the beauty of this otherwise simple door thus making it pop out.


47. Play Around With Wooden Planks


Image Source: Google

Surely wooden planks are one of the most versatiles materials used to achieve contemporary door designs. Arrange them in a symmetrical manner like this to give your exterior and entrance and clean and aesthetic look.


48. Keep It Simple


Image Source: Pinterest

Even simple designs can leave a mark if executed in a proper manner just like you can see here. So, if you aren’t a big fan of too many elements, this design can be an ideal pick for you.


49. Cool, Classy, Contemporary


Image Source: Google

Another simple yet eye-catching design, this entrance space is sure to leave a mark on any guest that walks in. The alternate arrangement of the wooden planks gives the door a clean and classy look while the lights add a sense of warmth, thus creating a space that redefines class.


50. Go For A Textured Look


Image Source: Pinterest

When in doubt, textured panels with contrasting inlays can always help you out. Make sure to arrange the panels in a clean and aesthetically pleasing manner and you will have a statement-making door ready within no time.

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