How to Renovate Your Office Space On A Limited Budget In 2024?

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After the work-from-home culture, we are slowly moving towards newer ways of ideating our workspaces. From on-site workspaces to hybrid modules – there are quite a few new ways of working that have sprouted up. This has stirred multiple ways to look at our office spaces in a transformational aspect. Many users are also looking for newer trends and designs to rethink office renovation to make them more interactive, fun, and functional. It is not about the size of your offices. There are multiple ways in which you can elevate your spatial quality through innovative solutions. Especially for smaller office spaces where multiple functions have to be performed, it becomes extremely crucial to plan out your spaces while also maintaining a rational budget for the same. 

Through this article, we will be sharing a few actionable points and hacks that you can incorporate in your office room decoration for budget renovations in 2024. Here are a few suggestions that you can consider for office renovation on a limited budget.

1. List all the ideas beforehand and review your circulation


First, list down all your requirements and shortcomings in the current design of your office which you would want to renovate. Budget renovations are all about planning beforehand. List down all the items and elements that you would need. 

Research them online to find the best prices and deals, lay out a systematic plan to take things ahead; this will save both – your time and investment. Sort out the list of ideas on a priority basis, and distribute the entire budget in the ratio of the ‘most-needed’ to the ‘least-needed.’ 

Pro Tip: Use online portals and imagery to visualize your design plan, this can help you implement those ideas effectively. Rather than scratching out all the old, think about the part that you can still retain and rethink. Review your floor plan design and overall flow of circulation, identify loopholes that need to be looked at, and come up with a better alternative for them first. In a small office space, circulation and functionality become a priority; get that aspect fixed first!

How to Renovate Your Office Space On A Limited Budget In 2022?
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2. Recycle, repurpose, re-use


Create two sections, ‘Keep’ and ‘Throw’, involve all your office mates in this fun activity. Decluttering is the best way to take out things that are not required, it also frees up more space for storage. During decluttering make sure that the ‘throw’ items are thoroughly looked upon before you let them go. You can even dismantle your old furniture like desks, chairs, cupboards, etc to repurpose them around the office. Tables can be stripped down from their old laminates and new ones added to them; renovation needn’t always be expensive. 

How to Renovate Your Office Space On A Limited Budget In 2022?
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3. Rent it out


Laptops, tablets, computers, scanners and printers are all available to rent or for second-hand purchases. Even during an office renovation, you want to clear out some equipment that can be sent to recycling outlets to take it off your hands while ensuring that you get the best price. 

How to Renovate Your Office Space On A Limited Budget In 2022?
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4. Small organization goes a long way

Renovate your own desks at the expense of minimal effort with organizers. Keep the entire clutter to a minimum by opting for file organizers, desk drawers, open shelving, document boxes, compact dustbins and others. These tools are available at very affordable prices online. We love PropShop24, Daily Objects, and The June Shop.

How to Renovate Your Office Space On A Limited Budget In 2022?
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5. Open planning and partitions 

Low raised partitions are the best segregator and space savers. Instead of going for walled-offices, go for thin partitions instead. In a small office, every square foot is important. Office partitions will definitely help you in saving usable space. 

Instead of having an entirely open plan, it is necessary to protect certain privacy as well, therefore, you can opt for various partitions from a plethora of creative options available. From timber, glass sheet, plaster slabs to metal lath, wood wool and portable partitions, the options are endless.

How to Renovate Your Office Space On A Limited Budget In 2022?
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6. Nurture through nature

Every creative office space design needs a bit of nature in it. You can incorporate the same by bringing low cost and low maintenance natural plants to make sure that they last for long. Indoor plants like snake plants, pothos, palms, etc are some of the ideal options. For desks, you can include walking iris, peace lily, and sansevieria. 

Pro tip: Go for plants that require diffused light and little to no watering, this will also reduce your maintenance cost and time.

How to Renovate Your Office Space On A Limited Budget In 2022?
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7. Jazz up the walls 

Painting acts as the most vital option in decorating small spaces on a budget. Even if you don’t change any other element from your office and only color up the walls, they can create a dynamic shift. Paints are also available at an affordable cost. Another option is to go for washable wallpapers that are easy to maintain and affordable as well.

Pro Tip: Opt for bright or pastel palettes to keep the indoor atmosphere lively and fresh. Let your employees take a vote call on their favorite colors to make it interesting.

How to Renovate Your Office Space On A Limited Budget In 2022?
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8. Decorate your floors on a budget

Flooring plays a crucial role in elevating your spaces, go for inexpensive rugs, carpets or stick-on tiles that can be easily installed over your current flooring with minimal effort and budget. You can easily cover broken tiling and damage by stick-on carpets and tile frames to revamp your space in the most affordable ways. Use a bit of creativity to blend multiple colors in your flooring to accentuate your spaces. 

How to Renovate Your Office Space On A Limited Budget In 2022?
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9. Light it up

Adding quirky accents or suspended lights based on your office decoration theme can be the best way to go for budget renovations. Get rid of all the fluorescent lights or bulbs and go for energy-efficient appliances instead, this will help your budget in the long run as well. 

Go for various types of lights as per the function in a particular area; for deskwork go for accent lighting, to enhance the overall space opt for ambient light. 

Pro Tip: Natural light is the best lighting feature to have in your office spaces, they not only light up the space but also increase productivity.

How to Renovate Your Office Space On A Limited Budget In 2022?
Image Source: Decoist

10. Do the dirty work, travel to upbeat locations and go for house furniture

While buying readymade items, instead of online ordering, travel to upbeat locations where you can get the best deals and prices. Wholesale shops or factory outlets are the best options to buy furniture items like chairs, tables, and storage elements in bulk. 

Go for house furniture over office use furniture as it is usually overpriced in the market. Get creative with your decisions, there is no typical rule book for an office renovation. Use comfy padded chairs in staff rooms or beanbags too, to make it fun. 

Pro tip: Buy in bulk, buy it cheap

How to Renovate Your Office Space On A Limited Budget In 2022?
Image Source: Studio Osmosis

We hope these tips help you when you are looking to renovate your office space.

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