Concrete Finish Wall Panels For Classic Interiors

The raw beauty of textured concrete finish walls has been rediscovered in the market in recent years using wall panels. What once was used to signify an isolated warehouse or a neglected storeroom of a house is now used to achieve sleek, modern, and chic decor.

Building real concrete walls requires a skilled mason and a lot of time. Besides …oh, let’s face it. There are several complicated factors that necessitate being considered. So, is there any alternative to real textured concrete walls? Yes, there is! Our exquisite collection of textured concrete finish wall panels is the perfect solution to achieve visually mesmerizing interiors. Moreover, it comes with a splash of creativity and style that makes space look straight out of the Architectural Digest.

Image of a bedroom wall designed using concrete finished wall panels
Bedroom wall designed using concrete finish panels

Our exclusive wall panels with attractive concrete finishes can be used in a wide range. Hospitality, residential, as well as commercial purposes to take interior designing back to the basics with a modern twist. Here are a few tips on how you can make creative use of our uniquely designed wall panels.

Create One-Of-A-Kind Accent Walls

Create accent walls with our concrete finish wall panels to complement contemporary or classical decor which becomes the center of attention of any space. The subtle elegance of concrete can match any and every interior designing theme and be your go-to option even when you are redesigning the space after a few years.

Image of an accent wall designed using concrete finish wall panels
Accent wall for reception backdrop designed using concrete wall panels

Design Exquisite TV Unit Walls

Create a dramatic partnership with textured concrete finish wall panels and wood tones to give the space a unique and appealing aesthetic. Often being one of the most used spaces in a living room, a statement TV unit wall finished using concrete can add that perfect glam to your space that can garner all the attention from all your guests.  

Image of a TV unit wall designed using concrete finish wall panels
Image Source – Pinterest

Make Designer Headboards

Transform the look and feel of your bedroom with intricately designed concrete finish panels that make you want to draw the curtains and live in your beds forever. The fine and minimalistic feel of concrete helps you create a warm and welcoming space. And bedroom being one of the most used places to relax and rejuvenate, a concrete finished bedroom wall will just be the perfect choice!

Image of a bedroom headboard designed using concrete wall panels
Bedroom headboard designed using concrete finish wall panels by Evolve India

Fabricate An Industrial Backsplash For Your Kitchens

Give your kitchens a slightly industrial energy with textured concrete finish panels that allow you to showcase playful elements as well as details. Plus, using concrete in your kitchen also has an added benefit! These surfaces can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and you will no more have to spend your leisure hours cleaning up your greasy kitchen walls. 

Image of a kitchen space designed using concrete finish wall panels
Image Source – Pinterest

Frame An Exclusive Artwork

Turn the walls of any room into an artistic focal point by adding three-dimensional architectural elements with our one-of-a-kind wall panels. You can also design any decor or furniture piece and finish it with our range of textured and colored concrete finishes to match your aesthetics and give your spaces a neo-modern look.

Image of a concrete finished wall art piece
Image Source – Pinterest

Spruce Up Your Powder Areas And Tabletops

Create a picture-worthy powder area with our unique wall panels to transform the space from ordinary to extraordinary. You can also create table tops that are not just sleek in appearance but durable in its functionalities with concrete finishes. The versatility of concrete is such that using just one shade you can give your surfaces any look you want. Ranging from vintage to contemporary, concrete finishes can do it all at ease.

Image of a powder room designed using decorative concrete finish
Powder room designed using concrete finish

Construct Mesmerizing Entryways With Concrete Door Skins

Charm your guests even before they enter the space by using textured concrete panels as attractive entrance door skins. Creatively designed door skins can make your guests feel warm and welcome and there is no better way to present your abode than to have an alluring entrance. Besides, concrete finished door skins are also weather-resistant. So no matter how hot, humid or cold it gets, you can be sure that there is nothing stopping your doors from looking astounding. 

Image of an entrance door designed using concrete finished door skin
Concrete finished door skin by Evolve India

Why Should You Choose Evolve’s Concrete Panels?

Apart from the aesthetics, there are also a lot of factors that make our concrete wall panels the ideal choice. Our lightweight, pre-finished, and ready to install wall panels with concrete finishes are just 3mm – 20mm thick. Thus they are suitable for straightforward and hassle-free installation. These panels are not just long-lasting but also resistant to water, fire, and scratches. With our wall panels, all you would need to worry about is falling in love with the breathtaking appearance of the space.

In the process of creating an extraordinary space, you also need not worry about posing any threat to the environment. Our concrete finish wall panels are expertly manufactured using water-based technology. As a result, they are good friends of the environment. With these wall panels, you will also be able to create industrial-themed interiors without running a hole in your pocket. You can also enhance the durability and sleek design by incorporating a welded aluminium frame.

The possibilities and choices are endless when it comes to our professionally manufactured and expertly designed concrete wall panels. And the right combination of both will help you land the project of your dreams! If you would like to design using concrete panels and are in search of the perfect one for your space, we have a wide collection for you to choose from! Fill the form below to receive our e-catalogue.

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