A Curated Guide to the Top 11 Mattress Stores in Mumbai For 2024

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A good night’s sleep is just so essential to relax and recharge ourselves. It’s a basic necessity, especially with the kind of fast-paced lives we are living today. Getting adequate sleep has become all the more important for a healthy life.  Being comfortable on the surface you’re lying on allows you to sleep well. Hence, the quality of your sleep is dependent on the quality of your mattress. Besides, believe it or not, we spend one-third of our life sleeping which means we use our mattresses way more than we realize. 

Mattresses are an important investment that directly affects your quality of life. You must choose them wisely. There are several parameters that you need to consider while selecting the perfect mattress to suit your needs.  

Several different types of mattresses available are ideal for different needs. These include basic cotton mattresses, coir mattresses, foam mattresses, spring mattresses, etc. Choose a good quality mattress that aligns with your comfort needs and fits your budget. Try and test them out by visiting physical stores. To help you with choosing the right mattress, we’ve curated this list of the top 10 mattress stores in Mumbai.

1. Sleepwell Gallery, Andheri


A Curated Guide To The Top 10 Mattress Stores In Mumbai
Image Source: Sleepwell

Sleepwell is one of the most popular mattress brands in India. Unique modern engineered mattresses are their specialty. They are market leaders in crafting innovative mattresses that are tailored to suit diverse needs. Sleepwell has been a dominant market player since they were established over 5 decades ago, they have stores in several cities across the nation. 

With their diverse product portfolio, Sleepwell offers 9 types of mattresses in the medium to premium range. Sleepwell Cocoon is one of their bestsellers. They understand and adapt to your comfort, this customizability is what gives them an edge and makes them investment-worthy.  

Price: Starting from Rs. 8,500

2. Kurl-on, Multiple Outlets


A Curated Guide To The Top 10 Mattress Stores In Mumbai
Image Source: Kurl-on

Kurl-on is India’s beloved mattress brand and also one of the most visited mattress stores in Mumbai. They were the pioneers in making local coir mattresses out of coconut husks when they first established the company 60 years ago. Their pure-coir mattress has a loyal fan base and is their bestseller. They have 30 different types of mattresses including high-density foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses for spine comfort, and many more. Kurl-on is one of the most affordable and popular mattress brands in India with a very vast distribution network. Their mattresses are local, affordable, and super comfortable. 

Price: Starting from Rs. 3500

3. The Sleep Company, Andheri


A Curated Guide To The Top 10 Mattress Stores In Mumbai
Image Source: The Sleep Company

The Sleep Company is an up-and-coming mattress brand in India that sells innovative technologically advanced mattresses. These mattresses are engineered to be comfortable and durable. Their patented smart grid system results from years of extensive sleep science research and aims to revolutionize the mattress market. 

They have many different mattress ranges, like the ortho, luxe, and hybrid that lie on the expensive side. The Sleep Company Patented SmartGRID Orthopedic Mattress is one the most popular ortho mattress on the market. These mattresses bagged by science can elevate your sleep quality significantly.     

Price: Starting from Rs. 11,925

4. Duroflex- Multiple Outlets


A Curated Guide To The Top 10 Mattress Stores In Mumbai
Image Source: Duroflex

Duroflex is another one of the famous mattress stores in Mumbai and a famous Indian mattress brand as well. Established over 5 decades ago, it quickly grew from a local business to a national and now international mattress brand. They have 4 signature mattress ranges, Duropedic being the most opted-for range. 

The Duroflex Livein – Orthopaedic Pressure Relieving Memory Foam mattress is one of their bestsellers. All their products are curated by experts to deliver comfort. They have a strong supply network with stores in over 50 cities. These affordable yet comfortable mattresses live up to their promise. 

Price: Starting from 6,000 

5. Ikea, Worli


A Curated Guide To The Top 10 Mattress Stores In Mumbai
Image Source: Ikea

Ikea is a Swedish home products company that is slowly expanding its presence in the Indian home products market. In terms of mattresses, it has an array of different options, from basic foam and latex to combined spring and memory foam-infused hybrids. The HYLLESTAD spring mattress is one of their best-sellers. 

They also sell exclusive mattress protectors, toppers, and their mattresses come in a variety of different sizes starting from baby cots. It retails via its website and also has outlets in R City mall, Ghatkopar, and Navi Mumbai. They have a wide variety of mattresses for different budgets, all of which deliver comfort and better sleep quality.      

Price: Starting from 3,990

6. Flo Mattress, Andheri


A Curated Guide To The Top 10 Mattress Stores In Mumbai
Image Source: Flo

Flo is an innovative mattress brand, loved by the youth as it supports their fast juggling lifestyle. It uses a unique gel-infused foam that reduces the number of layers in the mattress and enhances comfort. 

Majorly, their products are categorized into two categories, ergo and ortho. The ergo gel range is particularly remarkable as it is a gel-infused memory mattress with 3D airflow technology. Flo offers uniquely engineered mattresses of the mid-range with guaranteed comfort.  

Price: Starting from 6,000

7. Springfit, Bandra West


Image Source: Springfit

Springfit is India’s luxury mattress brand that sells meticulously crafted premium mattresses. For the past 40 years, Springfit has been innovating products of top-notch quality. Intense research and analysis go into designing their products. 

They have a wide variety of mattress options, from a pocket coil and gel and charcoal-infused mattresses to Visco elastic mattresses. They are India’s leading orthopedic mattress manufacturers, which just implies they understand comfort. 

Price: Starting from Rs. 11,448

8. Foam Home, Tardeo

Image Source: Foam Home

Foam Home, a Made In India brand, is one of the premium stores in Mumbai to shop for luxury mattresses at affordable prices. For the past 40 years, Foam Home has been providing its customers with mattresses that are crafted only after intensive research and innovation.  

The brand offers a curated selection of High Density PU Foam mattresses, Bodysensor mattresses, and Latex mattresses, with their Ergoshell collection being the highlight. Besides mattresses, they also have a wide range of pillows to help you achieve maximum comfort and have a fulfilling experience with your purchase from the brand.

Price: Starting from Rs. 14,100

9. Pepperfry, Multiple Outlets

A Curated Guide To The Top 10 Mattress Stores In Mumbai
Image Source: Pepperfry

Pepperfry is one of India’s leading furniture brands. At any Pepperfry store, you’ll find an assorted collection of mattresses of different brands. It is a one-stop shop for physically testing comparable mattress brands. Pepperfry has an efficient digital store and its experience centers are present in over 40 Indian cities. 

Sleepycat, TADesign, Sleepy Panda, Springfit, Duroflex, and Hush are just a few of the many brands that Pepperfry deals in. Their wide variety of mattress choices includes coir, latex, pocket springs, and memory foam mattresses. You can find the most affordable mattress options at Pepperfry.   

Price: Starting from Rs. 2,375

10. Comfort Mattresses, Masjid Bandar

A Curated Guide To The Top 10 Mattress Stores In Mumbai
Image Source: Comfort Mattresses

Comfort mattresses is one of the local mattress stores in Mumbai that has established itself in the international market as a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of mattresses. It is based out of Mumbai and laid its foundation over 70 years ago. 

They have a variety of mattresses like PU foam, latex foam, etc. that are made using excellent raw materials. Latex mattresses are their specialty, as it aligns with the company values of sustainability and durability. Their mattresses are highly affordable and comfortable.   

Price: Starting from Rs. 1400

11. Bombay Furnishings and Mattresses, Grant Road

Image Source: Pinterest

Bombay furnishings and mattresses are an exclusive furnishings and mattress stores in Mumbai that offers home products of several brands under one roof. It is one of the oldest stores in the city that was established over 75 years ago. 

They deal in different mattress brands that include affordable ones like Kurl on and premium ones like Sleepwell or Hush. apart from that they also have local non-branded coir and super affordable cotton mattresses.  

Price: Starting from Rs. 699

Final Verdict:

Make your investment in mattresses wisely, choose the one that suits your needs and brings you comfort. Your spine and posture are ultimately based on the care you provide, pamper it with these mattresses that give you both; comfort and a good night’s sleep. 

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